In advance I am sorry for possible discrepancies – I played this game about half a year back and something already has had time to forget. Probably, I was mistaken with any names is it is possible to specify on a course of game.

The edition the second, corrected, added.

Allow also to me to tell some words. I the one who has tried, using the epopee given, if one may say so, to pass this RPG. I swear, that I would not pass it for any gingerbreads, and as though did not try! For солвер thanks. H” as the author himself recognizes, some mistakes nevertheless are. Hб them I also have come across, passing game. With all soul experiencing for my possible followers, fans RPG, for what, reading this file, only are going to begin passage of game, I dare to add this file, correcting mistakes and discrepancies and finishing speaking inexpressible. That is, the initial text remains without changes, and I insert into it, there where it is necessary, the comments limited by double square brackets [[Here so]].
  And still:
  1) In the beginning of game, in a wood the Card lays: Map Journey Kit. Resemble, look for it!!! Otherwise in any way…
  2) the Author asks to inform on new receipts in world RPG. At the same time it does not leave the coordinates, even the name! In what here a secret? HС I know… HТ all. Read солвер, and especially comments.


Attention! In all copies of game which came across to me, the file mon38.pic is spoiled. It is a picture of the monster (nymph). At its occurrence on the screen the machine hangs. Rename any other file mon*.pic in mon38.pic (naturally, having kept in directories a file which rename) and instead of the nymph on the screen there will be a picture of other monster.
  One more important point. In all places where it is possible to reach only by the ship, the machine periodically hangs for 10-15 seconds then again works normally. To it quickly you get used.
  Optimum configuration – shade off, delay (a delay of the text on the screen) – 0-5, a level – easy (influences only force and vulnerability of monsters). If at you 286-th machine – disconnect all sound effects and game will go time to two more quickly. Having established a configuration, do not forget to make ” save configuration “.
  Optimum structure of a command: 2 soldiers, the thief, the priest, the magician and the alchemist.


HС the fact. There are still everyones of type Lord or Valkiria-it Fighter + Mage! Though I went how the author has specified…
  By the way – unfamiliar with AD&D: for whom what characteristics are important (that are displayed by yellow color)
  Str) ength – force
  Int) elligence – mind
  Pie) ty – devotion
  Vit) ality – survivability
  Dex) terity – dexterity
  Sp) eed – speed of walking
  Per) sonality – independence
  Kar) ma – “fortunity”

For all are important Vit, Kar, Per.
  For Fighter’а are important Str, Dex. For the magician – Wiz, Int. For the priest and the alchemist – Int, Pie.
  For the thief – Dex.
  For the mixed trades – it is clear.


Spells of three last differ and successfully supplement each other. The priest should be 3-it under the account since it not bad battles and can carry good protection. At creation of your characters try, that they were stronger (strength) – later I shall explain, why.
  In game many code locks, passwords, etc., but it – not protection against copying!!! All without exception passwords and codes are found out during game!
  ” Crusaders of the Dark Savant ” is, in my opinion, best of all Adveture/RPG games, and it not only my point of view.
  Play in it of day 2-3 and you are convinced, that I am right.
  Many things in game to do not necessarily – it reminds these well-known ” Hero Quest “. I have reached the end, having solved almost all puzzles. Perhaps, you will manage to understand with with what it was not possible to understand to me…
  HС try, using this description to run in game forward is can lead to unpredictable changes of a plot!


Game is more convenient for operating by means of the keyboard.
  D – the main menu or drop item from the menu of subjects
  C – climb
  R – rest
  S – search (or a call of characteristics from a picture of the character) I – inspect
  O – open
  U – use
  M – magic
  Е – equip item for the chosen subject or a call of the menu for change of the character. Works only on a picture of the character.


Attention!!! Before the beginning of adventures, right after initial prompt enter by turns into a picture of each character both put on all clothes and take in hands the weapon (letter E)!!! Will go Differently нагишом and to fight naked hands! I already so was pinned. And in general: if find clothes-check, whether above at it Armor Class, than at similar to yours. Hаходите the weapon – кастуйте Identify – whether is better it beats the enemy, than yours.


Figures in a horizontal number of the keyboard:
  – From the basic picture – a picture of the character (1-6)
  – From a picture of the character – a choice of a subject (0-9)
  – From the menu of spells – strengthening of a spell in 1-7 times
  – At opening a chest or a door – pressing of the certain button
  – In a duel – a choice of group of opponents on which the character should strike
  SPACE – transition from one item of any menu to another or a pause when on the screen there is a text
  ESC – an output from the menu
  <,> – moving to the left and to the right without turn the Cursor – перемещениe or transition from one character to another on a picture of the character.
  +, – – change of characteristics at reception of a new level.


The character can bear many subjects, but on a picture of the character are shown only 10 of them. A choice of a subject – figures 0-10.


Hажимаете B – and to your look opens 10 more – what you bear in a bag, that confirms a symbol appearing on the right below. Take a subject – and can press again B or the cursor, transferring it from one character to another. Conveniently.

  Assay – the description.
  Merge – association of subjects. The attention, it is important! For association of subjects press figure of first of them, then “merge”, then – figure of the second.
  “Е” – to put on a subject or to take in a hand.
  Drop – to throw.
  Use – use of a subject.
  The cursor it is possible to move chosen by means of 0-9 subject from one character to another.
  The menu of subjects can be caused and from the basic picture, having pressed “U”. From this the menu can be used them (Space, Enter) or броcить (Space, D).
  All subjects share that are on sale and on what at attempt of their sale cause the message ” you need it! “. The last have basic value, they need to be born with themselves!
  It is the good help!

  By the way, the Card – is on sale!..

  If you have thrown a subject, remember that on sale subjects in this case after a while disappear.
  Selling subjects, keep in mind, that Paluke in New City buys them at half price, and the others give even less.
  HС forget, that each character can bear only certain loading. At its excess mobility (agility) and security sharply falls. The information on loading is in one of lines with figures on a picture of the character. At approach of loading to limiting the line changes color from dark blue to red.


Figures right after letters CC mean несомый the character weight, and after a badge / there is a weight which the character without damage of the security (Armor Class can bear or AC) .если they grey-all it is good. If white-not it is very good. If red-beat alarm! At the character the general sharply falls AC and it starts to pass impacts of the opponent more often.
  Figures after HP is Hit Points.
  After ST – force in percentage of greatest possible.
  Hажмете C – will see:
  Age – age
  Life – number of a life (if the character died, and you recovered it) New Level – how many Experience it is necessary to gather additionally to raise a level.


The same principle, as in others RPG. Than it is more “+” at the weapon – that it is better, than more “-” at protection – that it is more reliable.
  Hб protection is shown to a picture of the character on a figure of the knight. Amulets protect all body (figure above the knight).


With them I have understood not up to the end. Their menu is caused “S” from a picture of the character. Hекоторые abilities grow with training.
  The others – increase at transition to a new level.
  Try to increase for each character those abilities which are more necessary to it. For soldiers – skill to own the weapon, for the one who bears a card – mapping, for those who uses spells – corresponding ability from “Academia”: for the priest – theology, for the magician – thaumaturgy, for the alchemist alchemy. Since mapping and scribe too concern to “Academia”, you should increase them at the one who is not able to conjure – with soldiers and the thief.
  It is necessary to tell about the thief separately. Nindjutsy – ability to be hidden during a duel and to strike from rear. Legerdemain skill to steal (steal.) Skuldaggery – skill to open locks on doors and chests. All these abilities concern to “physical” and train, i.e. increase at performance of corresponding actions. Skill to steal is better to finish training up to 100, stealing from the seaman on quay in New City is will strongly facilitate to you a life (at all do not get – differently it with you will not have business in the further – about it see below in п.9) First of all increase at all swimmig: first – at reception of a new level, and then when can not having sunk to float even 1 “step”, – training.
  After performance of some special actions or “invoke” some subjects you will have a new section of abilities – “personal.” Hапример, after meditation in Dionysceus will appear ” mind control ” and you can go on a field of orchids, after exercises on a shooting range in Ukpyr – “firearms”, etc.


“M” from any picture is caused. “Divine” – D, “Mental” – M, “Fire” – F, “Water” – W, “Earth” – E, “Air” – A. The spell gets out “Space”, amplifies pressing of figures 1-7.
  6 spells operate during some time. Their indicators – 6 round windows in the top part of the screen on the basic picture:
  1. “Direction” – a compass
  2. ” Detect secret ” – starts to blink near to the confidential button, the lever, etc.
  3. “Levitate” – allows to fall, not receiving damages 4. ” Magic screen ” – protection against any spells. Very effectively!
  5. “Armorplate” – weakens impacts during a duel 6. ” Enchanted blade ” – increases force and accuracy of impact.
  Hаиболее strong and necessary spells are:
  – At the magician in “Fire” and “Water”
  – At the priest in “Divine”
  – At псионока in “Mental”
  – At the alchemist in “Earth” and “Air”
  Very important spell – “Silence”. It does not allow the opponent to use spells.
  Also are important ” Wizard eye ” and ” Locate object ” which allow to see through walls road and subjects accordingly. They are desirable for strengthening up to 7.
  It is remarkable work “Conjuration” and ” Create life “, causing you to the aid during a duel of the monsters who are possessing and not possessing sorcery accordingly. The most abrupt appear if to strengthen a spell up to 7.
  That do ” Divine trap “, “Superman”, “Recharge”, ” Astral gate “, “Identify” – I and have not managed to understand.


Identify кастуется (you excuse for a slang-if nothing heard about AD&D I shall explain: cast in English – to tell, use a spell. Hб the English-Russian language кастовать means ” to do cast “) so: the picture of the character on which, as always, are drawn all несомые subjects is caused. The magic (M) .кастуется Identiy is caused. There is a hand with a question: ” Item? “. The desirable subject and a spell all gets out tells about it. In general all! Even in the event that attempt Assay to you answer Failure.

  Hекоторые fighting spells work on one opponent (for example, Energy Blast), the some people – on group (for example, Fireball), and the most powerful (Death Wish, Nuclear Blast) – on all groups of the opponent simultaneously.


Approach to a chest from a keyhole and press “About”. Choose “Disarm” and the thief. Thus at the thief each time will increase “Skuldaggery” is important!
  There will be ” a Menu for a chest “. All operations are successful only at green color in a window. The probability of that during the moment of pressing of the button color will be green, depends on a level “Skuldaggery” at the thief. If color will be yellow – nothing will occur, if red – the chest will blow up. The chest blows up also by pressing not that button.
  Hажмите “I”. Sketch the received picture: “*” – this button needs to be pressed. “-” – this button to not press. “?” – anything to find out it was not possible. 8 signs correspond to 8 buttons.
  Then, using the cursor, see an arrangement of buttons for different types of traps. Figures show the order of pressing of buttons. Compare that have sketched. If in your figure it is too much “?” – try to guess the necessary buttons.
  Using figures in a horizontal number of the keyboard, press the necessary buttons (at green color!).
  If the chest has blown up, “Skuldaggery” to the thief will not increase better to be reloaded.
  From that you have found in a chest, unnecessary things can be thrown out at once, having pressed “Space” and “Esc”.
  The chest can be opened also a spell “Knock-knock”, but thus at anybody no parameters increase.


All doors – two types: iron lattices which open only a key, the lever, the button or a special subject, and wooden doors.
  Ways of opening of wooden doors:
  1. Find the necessary key, a subject, the device, etc.
  2. A spell “Knock-knock”.

Nothing  similar! Only to break and open!

  3. To use abilities of the thief. Push “About” to choose “Pick”, to press the necessary buttons at green color. All as with chests, only is easier. If the button is pressed at red color – the lock is latched also the thief it to open cannot any more.
  4. The most convenient way – to break out a door. After that it will not be closed any more! Hажмите “about”, choose “Force.” Hажмите “Enter” during that moment when the length of a twitching strip will be equal to length of a continuous strip. The probability of success depends on force of your command and from “Stamina” (a yellow strip) – it quickly falls during breaking so if you have not broken a door in the first some seconds – have a rest.


By the way about strips near to the person of the character on the general picture. Red – a life or Hit Points. If it has fallen up to 0 everything, write was gone. It is dead. Hужно to drink from bottle Resurrection or кастовать this spell.
  Yellow – force. It is lost in fights, at кастовании and navigation.
  Dark blue – magic force. It is lost at кастовании.


The major principle – with anybody to not quarrel needlessly!
  Consequences cco р Щ will be the most unpleasant: you cannot normally communicate with any other essences of the same race any more.


HТ it is not absolutely true… I such at all did not notice.


I shall explain on примере:если you will kill Lt. Gruntwrapper (Umpani) cannot buy more anything at Rossarian in weapon shop, etc. the Same happens, if you will try something to steal and will be caught (unimportantly, the duel, or not) will follow it.
  If the character met by you has concerned to you настороженно (in the menu of dialogue there are words “Truce”, “Bribe”, etc.), try to miss it in a peacefully way, using “Truce”, etc. If it was not possible – be reloaded.
  All ask about all. Use a word “rumors”.
  Write down all nouns from dialogues (especially, proper names) and ask about it all others. In dialogue to you can tell the password in obvious (напр. Church in New City) or implicit (напр. The drugstore in Munkharama) the form or a code, and also to prompt, what to do further. Remember: not setting questions, you will not pass game even with use “Solution”.
  It – ВАЖHЕЙШЕЕ a rule!!!
  To learn the important news use also “lore” from the menu of dialogue.


At Lore to you it is informed, for whom from strangers what card is available at present.


For an output from conversation tell “Bye” or “Quit”.
  Remember, that all characters trade in something. Sometimes they have this or that card which can be bought or stolen.
  Many characters for the first time meet to you in strict определeнном a place but after that start to travel on all country. Examples – TShober, Xen Xheng, Jan-Ette, Shritis, Rodan Lewarx and others. Where you will meet them after – it is not known.
  In the further for definition of their site use a spell ” Locate Person “.


It will be a question not of that card on which the passed route is automatically drawn, and about what cost 10 000, constantly pass from hands in hands and contain the help to this or that place in game.
  I have understood with them not up to the end. In total them, apparently, 11.
  Two are essentially important:
  – ” Crystall map ” cодержит a code without which to not pass to А stral Dominae
  – ” Boat map ” cодержит the code for Twisted heads in a museum, without it to not get to the Ship.
  Helps in other cards are given in the implicit form – you should think!
  For what are necessary ” Fools map ” and ” Legend map ” I and has not understood.


At defeat of the character by any special image (the poisoning, a paralysis, madness, etc.) near to the image of the victim appears a corresponding symbol. Practically all defeats pass after a while, even a poisoning if poisoned has lived long enough. Worst of all business is with illness (“Disease”). The matter is that ill after a while goes mad also it to not cure any more anything!
  To get rid of defeats it is possible differently:
  1. Hб all without exception of a misfortune is a spell-противодейстивие or drink which can be bought in this or that place.
  2. It is possible to wait, have a rest – all will pass (except for Disease!) Sometimes to have a rest it is necessary long, some times successively!
  3. Hекоторые sources possess curing action. Mightiest of them is opened to you by the monk in monastery New City, and force of its action depends that you will answer a question of the monk on the size of the donation. If you will give it all of money (the answer “All”) – the source cures of everything, cures Disease (in the event that ill has not gone mad yet) and even recovers dead.
  To recover it is possible also by means of a spell, a roll or drink Resurrect.


HТ here, at last, also have reached the most important.


Before going to city, search jungle and a vault (both of a floor). Hб a field do not go – there anything is not present, the road through a field conducts in Dionysceus – there you will get later and in another way. In a vault closely look at walls – there there are some confidential buttons, it is visible them badly. That them to press, press “S”.


Two confidential buttons to be exact.


For an input in city tell ” Paluke’s armory ” – remember a note from a vault?
  In New City there are three places where you should get very much not soon, do not try to get there ahead of time! These are residences T’Rang and Umpani (in them you will get through teleporters from corresponding cities) and Forbidden Zone.
  In Forbidden Zone it is meaningful to go only after rout of a residence Savant in Nyctalinth. You will find the device and codes In the mentioned residence for inclusion of a computer, and a card-miss (however, a door it can and be broken – см.выше). Having included a computer, cause crew Black Ship (Server: 023@41A2; Host: Black Ship Command) and, then, Vi Domina.


More precisely так:встав before a computer, use Comm-Link Device. Hб inquiries Server and Host enter, that is told above. Options (just as on BBS-for those who has understood will be offered…).
  Choose F) iles, then P) ersonnel and enter name Vi Domina.
  And when will open a door, enter Server, Host, then choose C) ontrol and enter Security Cell.


When Dark Savant interdiction Vi Domina in the next room, break a door (or open it by means of a code which learn from an average from dead Savantov in a cave under Nyctalinth, having recovered it by means of Holy Water or a pistol T’Rang – Host: Central Security Access; Linckage Server: 018@67C1) also take at Vi Domina the transmitter under the name ” Vitalia Device “. It is one of the major moments in game! Something concerning a computer, lays also in a confidential room in residence Umpani in New City.
  For the lock of a confidential room you will find a code in Ukpyr after it will be destroyed (about it is in corresponding section).
  Having got in city for the first time, search it as follows! You will find some chests, a card with a code for clearing the prisoner (on it the first letters of colors of the lock are specified, it lays in one of guard houses Savant),


Particularly: the premise Savant is a house on which door there is a red emblem (A vivid red emblem…). The card lays in the house nearest to an output from New City, opposite to volume into which you enter all over again. Hужно to search! (Search, “S” on the general picture).


And also will get acquainted with interesting people. Train legerdemain, stealing from the seaman on quay – at it it is a lot of gold and useful subjects, and to steal easily. Buy the weapon, protection, the magic goods. The password for an input in weapon shop – Black Market (it to you will tell in a tavern – ask “rumors”). The owner of magic shop happens on a place not always – all depends on an arrangement of the Moon and the Sun. If you have not found it – come in some days. To the priest in a monastery answer the first question “spirit”, – it will tell to you the password for a ferry in Munkharama (it is the first part of the password which you should tell subsequently Xen Xheng, and you learn the second on a ferry). Buy bananas in a tavern – they will be necessary for you in Orkogre Castle. Visiting shops, remember, that their assortment periodically varies come into them at each visiting city. Crack and open all doors. Look closely at walls, especially – in Bank. For an input in the Museum use a coin from Bank. In the Museum take a stone and there and then run to be treated (see п.11). Twisted Heads in a museum open access to the ship, but you learn a code only having received Boat map from Old Funhouse is will be нескоро. What to do with Гомункулосом – I has not understood. Reach a statue on the area and take from it a stone. Write down the name of a statue – it is required to you.
  Having released the prisoner, do not forget to take from it the letter is a miss in the country of monkeys (Gorn Empire) and in Orkogre Castle. That it has given the letter, ask it about Orkogre Castle.
  Write down its oral message to King Ulgar.
  About library – separately. First, steal the book at the sleeping security guard and прочтите it. Secondly, talk to the professor about blueprints and Old City. With Old City there is one ambiguity. The matter is that from an input in Old City in Condemned Area the professor gives a key only after you ask it about archives (Archive.) H” about existence of archives you learn only after several conversations with Barlone – king of rats in Old Funhouse, later it is a lot of time. Therefore, do not run forward better.
  Yes, nearly has not forgotten. In New City or in any other place to you there can be frenzied sorcerer Kymas Turan. It will ask you about any sacred word or something in this sort. That for a word – I do not know, there can be you will guess. H” on the further course of game ignorance of this word, similar, does not influence.


After first visiting New City and clearing of the prisoner leave city through an opposite input and reach crossroads N 1. At movement on roads try to examine bushes on both parties – lift a level, battling to monsters, and, sometimes, something will find.
  So, we on crossroads N 1. If to go directly – will get in the country of monkeys. The input in their capital – underground palace Orkogre Castle – is located deeply in jungle to the left of road. Turn there – right after meetings with Lord.
  If to go on road not turning off – will get to following crossroads N 2.
  The road to the right conducts past Sacred Grove (it will be to the left of road behind bushes) to Rattkin Ruins behind which is Old Funhouse.
  The road on the left conducts in Nyctalinth (city T’Rang), then – in Dionysceus – city Magna Dane. Before Dionysceus there will be crossroads N 3, the road to the left of which will result you back in New City through a field of orchids.
  Let’s return on crossroads N 1. If to turn to the right – you will get on a ferry through the river (Munkharama Bridge).
  In riverheads there is a pass through jungle, the leader in mountains, and also in Giantland. To get there, the ship is not necessary – finish up to 100 swimming or be reserved by yellow bottles. Hб to a glade before mountains the output from Old Funhouse, inside through it to not get!
  Having forwarded through the river, you will get in Munkharama. Then the road will result you in Ukpyr (city Umpani). On road to bushes at the left there will be an output from Hidden Temple, inside you through it will not get! From Ukpyr the road will result you in a wood, for which – the second approach in mountains (the first was in riverheads), and also one of the major places in game – salty underground lake.
  Further I shall describe all places in that order in what passed their.
  About that waits for you at ocean and behind it – later.


It is one of most easy labyrinthes.
  Hand over to Lord Galiere the letter from the prisoner. Turn from road on the left. Far in jungle – an input in Orkogre Castle.
  Search all as follows. Hб walls there are undistinguished buttons (as, however, and in other labyrinthes). To get to king Ulgar, show the monkey bananas through a transparent wall.
  Bananas can be bought in New City, and it is possible to find in Orkogre Castle.
  Transfer King the message of the prisoner: ” Dartaen Alliance is broken “.
  Hайдите the polished metal plate and a crest. A plate use opposite to an input in Murkatos Sanktum, costing the person to a door. The ray of light reflected from a plate, will open a door (probably, I something has confused with where the person to stand and on what distance from a door, but a principle such). A crest keep!

  To open door Murkatos it is necessary так:делате opposite to a door, about a candle, there where there are bloody traces, Search. And then rise the person to a candlestick and use Polishield Steelplate.


In покоях Murkatos find its note, and also the Dwarfish Tree (!!!). It seems, there still something is – look better.
  Any from keys opens access to a source restoring magic force.
  If will find an empty chest is means, that someone here has visited up to you and visors from a chest a card. HС be upset sooner or later you it receive!


At a ferry tell TShober the password (from the monk from New City):
  Slay not he that cannot hear Talk with TShober and ask it on everything, that it will mention in the speech.
  Write down the second part of the password!
  Having received a hook, use it for a ferry.
  By the way: if you will float upstream from a place where have met TShober some distance will find on the same I protect in bushes very interesting сундучок! It is possible and to not do It.

  With that coast of a ferry where have met the ferryman, do a step in water, a turn on the left and along coast of 6-7 steps. There already somewhere beside.


Next time you will meet TShober somewhere in other place (see п.9). It will ask, whether there are no nearby sorcerers from Dionysceus. Answer, that is not present, and that it will be frightened and will escape.
  Having entered into city, find a well. The answer to its riddle – Coin.
  The received 4 coins open 4 doors on the area.
  Two of these doors conduct in Lost Temple (to not confuse with Hidden Temple!). In Lost Temple put everyone Bean in the bowl nearest to them – in the center of a labyrinth there will be a valuable chest in which, however, there is nothing essentially important. Examine also a vault: a ladder there – in one of rooms.


By the way: with Bean at me nothing has turned out…


Hайдите the Drugstore, having crossed through pool. If it is impossible – be trained! There there is still any pool with ice water but for what it – I have not understood. Talk to the druggist. Do shopping. Ask about Land of the Dream and Gran Melange (you should learn about their existence earlier, it seems – at TShober).
  Remember, who is not able to dream (” Living dead “).
  In the center of pool there is a chest with any not clear subject. For what it – I have not understood, but it can be sold favourably.
  Use two remained coins for an input in Land of the Dream.

500 coins which most part you receive in a duel with monks before an input are necessary for an input.
  Answers to questions at an input:
  1. Land of the Dream
  2. Living dead (remember, that the druggist spoke).
  Bypass all premises. Hб spirits well operate Silence and Dispel Undead strengthened up to 6-7. The black Door appears in г-shaped transition only after you everywhere have visited and have taken Smoking Pipe and Mysterious Pastille. Place these subjects in the first 10 subjects by any character and hammer Mysterious Pastille in Smoking Pipe, using “merge” (cј. п.3).
  Come into the Black Door. After falling make 3 steps forward – will appear before Fire. After that make a step forward, and after falling – still a step forward. Use the filled tube. Make 2 steps forward (can be on the contrary – two steps forward after the second falling, and after a tube – one step; it is easy for checking up).

  Correctly how in brackets.


From the offered subjects choose the Sword. It is very strong weapon, but also, to you thus will add force (that important for breaking doors!). HС be frightened that the Sword проклят (“sticks”) – it is not injurious to your health, many other things проклятых subjects.

  Besides it is possible скастовать Remove Curse. And in general a choice at you such:
  Sword – at all will raise Strength
  Staff – Intelligence
  Gown – Piety
  Ring – Dexterity
  Stone – Vitality
  Besides irrespective of a choice, at all raises Karma.



Tell Xen Xheng the password:
  Slay not he that cannot hear, Be thankful ye, that hath an ear!
  After that send for Holy Work from Hidden Temple.
  When you will bring Holy Work, Xen Xheng will ask, whether you wish to become its pupils, or will go the by.
  Will agree to become pupils. It will send you behind Colors to Mountains, and also will open a pantry where an armour for Hиндзя lay.
  Here you need to decide – to change a trade or not. For change of a trade (to become Hиндзя) cause a picture of the character, press “Е”, and further – it is clear. Thus the character loses all the abilities and a level, and starts to develop with zero.
  I a trade did not change also anything about Hиндзя I can not tell.
  I have sold an armour and weapon Hindzja.
  Now about 5 Colors. 4 from them really grow in mountains, and here last I searched very long and have found… On островке in underground lake in Giantland. That in mountains – too to find uneasy: one – on one party of mountains, others – on another, behind one it is necessary to climb, another is protected, etc.

  Hб to coast of underground lake there is a chest – abrupt protection and an abrupt axe there lays.


When, having bypassed all Mountains and having found flowers, you will return to Xen Xheng, it any more will not be on a place. It will leave to you a note in which will tell what to make with colors, and the password for the priest in a monastery in New City which will help you to use a free-of-charge curative source (” Holy Sacrament ” but if you peep in Solution and will tell this password to the priest ahead of time – for example, having appeared in New City for the first time – that the priest will not tell to you the password for TShober on a ferry, etc. Morals: do not run forward!)
  Note about Colors прочтите ОЧЕHЬ it is close. The matter is that flowers not simply incorporate in the certain sequence. One of them thus is used in the form of tincture on Sacred water which can be bought in New City from the priest. All operations – by means of “merge” on a picture of the character. The received subject can use only Hиндзя – if in your party it is not present, the subject is better for selling for greater money (I remind, most for any subject gives Paluke from New City).


Before there going, buy in a drugstore of yellow bottles (Stamina) and learn to float well.


I recommend to finish training up to 100 – then any bottles it is not necessary.


Hайдите in corners of pool beside with a statue on the area in Munkharama 4 coins. Put them in corresponding (!) urns on the same area: Viridian – Emerald, Golden – Amber, Cuprum Ruby, Silver – Diamond. If the coin is put correctly, it disappears. Then approach to a statue and use Moonstone which have taken from a statue in New City.
  Hidden Temple to pass easily enough. In one place pass opens a candlestick on a wall. HС potter with the broken lever – it is not necessary! Hайдите an aperture in a wall also insert into it a core which will find somewhere in other place of a labyrinth it will open to you road through a hole in a floor in which you before failed.
  Hб a ground floor there are two important subjects: Holy Work and Wikum’s Powerglobe.
  Holy Work спрятана to the left of a source above water (there on a wall there is a button) – for it it is necessary to float!
  Wikum ` s Powerglobe lays in a well in a room with mummies.
  There on a wall there is a button… Before taking risen of well Wikum ` s Powerglobe, write down game!!! If there will be no forces to overcome skeletons – return here then, it is very important thing!
  For what it – learn later.
  The output from Hidden Temple is in a wood for Munkharama.
  To get back in Munkharama, reach road and turn to the right.


After Xen Xheng will send you behind Colors, send to Mountains. Be reserved yellow бутылочками.
  Leave Munkharama through a gate leading to the river. HС reaching ferries, turn in jungle to the right. There there will be a long pass, places deducing to the river. Reach its end, float two more steps along coast (there will be квадратик a land) and cross through the river.
  Reach on jungle a fork. Hаправо – the road conducts in Giantland (it is a cave with lake), on the left – in Mountains.
  In the beginning it is necessary to visit Giantland. If it is impossible to go down downwards – train Climbing in mountains in similar places. In caves somewhere there is a chest, and on lake – one of five Colors. The main thing, that you should take – the Magic Helmet. There on a wall in one place there is a lever…
  Having got in Mountains, examine everything, that is possible, do not try to open a door in a vault (a ladder downwards on a glade), train Climbing in the most safe place. Hайдите flowers and 4 lianes.
  Lianes unite (merge). The received rope use near to a precipice to go down downwards. Below – one more flower and a glade on which occurs шабаш evil spirit. Recollect the book from library New City! Hаденьте the Magic Helmet on one of characters, wait nights and enter on a glade – you learn names of 4 witches. Write down them. Pass all wood (an input in it near to this glade) – there there are some more outputs to mountains So you will find one more flower and a cave with Hydrochloric lake. When will leave on road – turn on the left and again in a wood, to the right do not go yet – will get in Ukpyr.
  Having got to Hydrochloric lake, find near to coast the lever opening somewhere nearby pass to the center of lake (there it is possible and to reach, but it is more complex). Rise on a greater heap of salt and use a stone from museum New City. There will be essence already familiar to you. It seems, it will ask to you any question. The answer to it abundantly clear and, besides, on what does not influence (it seems, “Man”). Pass on a rainbow and take that lays in a cave.

  Hикаких questions will not be.


Now it is time to release Hilinda. Rise in Mountains to the very top, find an input in a cave, examine it, find there altars and, knowing names of witches, cause them and destroy (I remind, you should learn names on a glade with evil spirit at night, having put on the Magic Helmet):

East Witch: BARBANA
  West Witch: CARMELA
  South Witch: XANDASA
  North Witch: NARALDA

Return the stolen parts of person Hilinda (somewhere its gold person there hangs). It will increase to you any characteristics and will give subject Elisiad Divinity, which purpose to me remains not clear.
  There still somewhere there are chests…
  Come back with Colors to Xen Xheng.


After finish the business with Xen Xheng, be employed on service T ` Rang in Nyctalinth. Receive tasks from Shritis and H ` Jenn-Ra (last will inform you a code for the lock behind which спрятана Boat Map in Old Funhouse).
  Keep in mind: when you spoke with Shritis, you were in New City in residence T ` Rang – the handle on a wall actuates a teleporter! Use it more often to save time. During first visiting Nyctalinth do not search city and be not put anywhere.
  Send in Ukpyr. Hаймитесь on service there. Hикуда do not come without the corresponding order or the sanction. Execute all orders. Hб a shooting range you should get 3 times in Bull Eye.

  That is: At first come in Recruit Station; after performance of each task come there and receive new tasks in the oral and written form;
  For a shooting range in Supply Depot to you will give 6 targets, the reservation, gunpowder and two pistols. Hб a shooting range hang up a target in one end of a long corridor, rise in other, take a pistol in a hand of one of characters (Equip) and shoot; commander Umpany shouts to you, how you стрельнули; you shoot at each target on 3 times, we shall tell HIT HIT MISS – has got, has got, past. You should achieve that 3 times there was an inscription: BULL’S EYE BULL’S EYE BULL’S EYE. I recommend to get the hand, having used some complete sets of targets, in everyone getting so: HIT HIT HIT.
  When targets come to an end, go on a warehouse – to you will give still. Before shooting and after each successful hit be kept!!!
  After all shooting the one who shot should have a new section of abilities – PERSONAL, and in it – FireArms.


To find group T ` Rang, reach on road a wood before Mountains (you here already were when investigated Mountains).


Leave from Ukpyr and go up to the end of road.


T ` Rang from разведгруппы will suggest you to steal for it coordinates of spacecraft Umpani, but it is better разведгруппу to destroy at once. Carry letter Rodan Lewarx. In Ukpyr too there is a teleporter – take advantage for this purpose of it. Rodan Lewarx cидит in residence Umpani in New City. HС kill it (as has charged to you Shritis) is it will still be was in time. When you will return in Ukpyr, you will be caused by General Yamo and will give you a bomb which you should destroy a laying of eggs T’Rang in a cave under Nyctalinth. During that moment when you receive a bomb, other bomb – that which Shritis has enclosed under General Yamo will blow up. The general will be killed, Ukpyr is destroyed, all Umpani will run up. Search ruins. Take everything, that will find. The card with a code opening a confidential door in residence Umpani in New City somewhere lays – in this room something lays important (it seems, for a computer).
  Come back in Nyctalinth. HС coming while in Old Church, pass on all premises of city. Kill all T’Rang (except for Shritis!), open all doors, destroy residence Savant, take away and bear with itself all subjects which will find. Use Decoding Device on Register Космопорта (“Merge” on a picture of the character). Write down time and date of arrival of the nearest ship T’Rang (this information is required to you later). HС forget to visit residence T’Rang in New City and to open a chest costing there!
  Go down in a small vault (an input in it – in one of rooms near to a place where sits H’Jenn-Ra). Three There hang dead Savant. Use on an average from them pistol T’Rang (you should find it!) or sprinkle with its sacred water bought from the priest in New City. It will tell to you a code. Write down it.
  In the same place costs a flank with any dung, but that with it to do – I do not know, can you will guess.
  Rise upward, find Old Church. Has come to recollect time note Murkatos from Orkogre Castle. Approach to an altar and make a step forward. You – on the Old Cemetery (Old Cemetery).
  Hайдите a spade (Longstem Spade) also dig over all tombs. In one of them you are waited with a surprise. Then find a place where provillages the ground and dig somewhere near to it. You fail downwards in a huge cave under Nyctalinth (use a spell “Levitate”).
  From a cave there are two outputs. First of them – through a laying of eggs T’Rang. A laying destroy by means of a bomb of General Yamo. Rise upward and kill H’Jenn-Ra (you at last will understand whom it is actually!). Let you does not confuse, that it (is more exact, it) promised for Boat Map. H’Jenn-Ra anything to you for it will not give the award to you, and will promise to award ” sometime then ” and will turn out – I checked it!
  Having destroyed H’Jenn-Ra, go down again in a cave and find other way out – through a ladder. Hайдите a statue. Again recollect note Murkatos. Use a spade at bottom of a statue. Take a figurine (why it refers to Tyme Bandit back to front – I do not know…) also return with it on Old Cemetery. Give its Spirit which teases you in two boxes. In exchange you receive the Staff. Take it in a hand (Equip!) also pass through a power barrier to tomb Kanebe. Open a chest and take the Card (it seems, Serpent).
  Now – about Rodan Lewarx and Shritis. You should find Rodan Lewarx (for example, by means of a spell ” Locate Person “) and to kill it. You will manage very valuable medallion which gives protection ” a minus 4 ” it (seems). After that you should find Shritis (or it you) and to show it this medallion. It will leave a medallion to you, and in the award will give not that 20 000, not that 40 000. After that it too can be killed – just in case, will not be worse.
  Having finished the business with T’Rang and Umpani, send in New City in Forbidden Zone and… (section see ” New City “).


Enter in Sacred Grove (cј. ” Hесколько words about geography “).
  Put on an altar the Dwarfish Tree from Orkogre Castle.
  Hазовите to the appeared Spirit of the Tree any name – later it will help you to get in Rattkin Ruins. HС forget to find a chest somewhere nearby.


Return on road from which turned in Sacred Grove, and go after it further. You will get in a wood, for which – Rattkin Ruins. Hайдите in one place a strange tree at a wall. It will seize you branches and will throw through a wall (same by it is possible to get and back). Attention: if you have not made everything, that is necessary, in Sacred Grove, it will not occur!
  Having got inside, find road to a court yard. Go all time on the left along a wall. To you will meet Blind. Give it money. Talk to it!!! If it to ask about something (it seems, about “Ring”) it will give you a nose for the clown who opens Old Funhouse. For the first time it is not has reached me, and I in Old Funhouse have simply broken out a door.


For the first time ask, do not ask – it will not give a nose to you.
  And here when second time will meet it, already in its shop that is in thieves’ league, ask it about Old Funhouse and receive this nose.


The most important: try it обокрасть! It will not be possible to you, but in the award for your impudence it will give you a ring. Keep it!
  Now examine all premises. There there are two remarkable shops. In one of them – access free. The owner of another – that Blind from a court yard. Hаденьте a ring which it has given you (“equip”), and push a hand in a window near to a door. It learns you and will start up inside. I advise to buy in one of shops “firm” thieves’ clothes and 2 thieves’ daggers (” Thief Dagger “): on one in each hand. Daggers are poisoned, but also, from time to time put “Critical”, i.e. kill on a place. The most important, that it is necessary to buy – a liquid ” Feather Weight “! Without it to not pass ” Old Funhouse “! Somewhere you should find a stick which is not on sale (” You need it in labyrinthes of rooms! “). It too is necessary for taking with itself.


Nothing similar! The stick (“Bo”) lays in a chest on a ground floor in most Old Funhous! Hб this floor there is still a weight in weight in 200 pounds – it is necessary to take it with itself – to give its most hardy.


In a court yard is кострище and a heap of bones. For what they – I do not know. From a court yard there are 2 outputs: one – the deadlock, the second conducts in a wood, whence other output is not present.
  Hайдите in a court yard a door leading in Old Funhouse.


It is one of the most complex labyrinthes. From subjects from the outside there are used Feather Weight (see Rattkin Ruins). All other necessary subjects lay in most Old Funhouse – on a ground floor (there it is necessary to open all doors) and in a labyrinth.

  Examine a catapult (both parts). Rise upward and include the fan. Hайдите a drum with a cord also dump it downwards. Go down and adhere by the end of a cord a cargo. Rise to a drum and lift a cargo by means of the handle. Go down downwards, drink Feather Weight, rise on a catapult and turn the lever.


I shall explain: after survey of both (!) parts of a catapult rise upward and find a drum with a circuit. It will hang down downwards, in a hole, is direct above a catapult. Then at deadlock of one of corridors make Search and find Tarnished Key. It will open a lattice, for it a chest, in a chest – an elastic band. About other lattice – system from 2 cylinders with hooks (“fan”). Use on them an elastic band. Then go down to a catapult and hang up on a hanging down circuit that weight in 200 pounds. The handle needs to be found I Search-eat in a room which is behind a wall, with an opening secret button.


 Find an aperture in a wall also insert into it a stick from Rattkin Ruins. Hичего will not occur, but so it is necessary – will understand what for later.
  Ball you should get in the center of a target which will appear before you in one place. Before throwing, write down game.
  You need to get in Bull Eye, and it occurs under the casual law; at a miss the ball, apparently, somewhere falls. If you have got, somewhere pass there where there is a target on the other hand opens.

  Here where: rise on a revolving object in a floor, and it bears you not there, where earlier.

  Stick with a cord
  The stick with a cord needs to be inserted into a hole in a floor above water. You then are seized by it, when will float past.

The puzzle with water carries by you on three floors, and then you fall in pool.
  Your problem – to turn 2 levers on one floor and 3 on other so that to appear before a stick with a cord (see the previous item) and, by inertia to take off on coast, having seized for a cord.
  Hайдите such position of levers on the top floor at which the picture observable at проплывании on a ground floor, will sharply differ from that which you see in other variants.
  After that experiment levers on a ground floor. If it is impossible – simply try all possible variants. Not so it is a lot of them: 2 levers – 4 combinations, 3 levers – 8 combinations, only 4 х 8 = 32.
  It about the same, as the Catapult. Charge a pig-iron sphere in the top part of a pipe, go down downwards and rise on a platform.
  In my opinion there there is any subtlety – not that to pull something, not that to rise somehow on special – in general, it is possible to understand, it not the most complex. The sphere will fall and will throw you upwards. Here you will be helped also by a stick inserted earlier in a wall.

After you will pass through all puzzles, you can get to Barlone, and also open the code lock and take Boat Map.
  Boat Map – the main thing, that you need to take in Old Funhouse.
  H’Jenn-Ra (see Nyctalinth and Ukpyr) informs you a code in an implicit kind – touch some variants and each time look at a door at the left (I reproduce its speech literally – understand)


Now about Barlone. For the first time it will ask you to find out, when spacecraft T’Rang will arrive. You already should know it (see Nyctalinth and Ukpyr): Next Arrival: Nargisst Shuttle; Galactic Stardate 088:53 ETA.
  Then it will suggest you to open the treasury for 40 000.
  It is meaningful to agree – that that there lays, costs more though has no basic value. It also something will tell to you about archives in Old City (see New City).
  I precisely do not remember that will be further – in my opinion, it will send you behind money, and after a while will send for you the messenger (Mick the Pick, Ratsputin, etc.) If all messengers by then will be killed by someone, in a treasury to you to not get. Especially to be upset because of it it is not necessary.
  If nevertheless you will visit a treasury after a while messengers again will stick to you with the request to give 20 % of your money. The end is better to kill and put them to extortion.


The last, that it is necessary to pass before departure, city of sorcerers Dionysceus. It not the most complex labyrinth.
  On road from Nyctalinth to Dionysceus you will meet flying maiden Jann-Ette. Rescue it from T’Rang. It for it something will give you (but at all of what you have thought). Keep this subject up to Sky City.
  Hб a ground floor talk with Almagorte. Ask it about Fellowship and Trial. Will agree to pass Trial.
  Hб each floor of a tower there is a gold urn. What for they are necessary I and has not understood. Perhaps, the alchemist should make any medicine and put in them, to disconnect traps from which on each floor on you shoots any nasty thing? H” whence to take recipes?..
  All floors are passed easily enough. Hасколько I remember, no special subjects there are used. Hб last floors reflect on a choice of an optimum way. HС climb in a corridor with fireballs while all do not disconnect from the outside. Use everywhere where only it is possible, spells Wizard Eye and Locate Object. To kill the Demon on a roof it is simple enough. As it to cause and how to kill, you прочтете in the Book and learn from Magna Dane.
  When you will kill, at last, most Magna Dane (it will be after a duel with the Demon), take everything, that from it remains and make “Search” (“S”) on that place where it have killed. Under mountain of corpses you will find out its ring which opens last door in it покои. There there will be sources (only one of them curative) and a chest. You will find in a chest:
  Jeweled Cushion – a subject of absolutely not clear purpose, but, probably, not so important since it is on sale.
  Coil of the Serpent – absolutely necessary thing which opens… However, we shall not run forward.
  After you will pass Dionysceus, you will find frenzied Kymas Turan and begins to elicit money. If them to not give, it will anathematize you and will try to kill. In my opinion, it needs to be destroyed – I have not found other output…


So, time for Ocean has come to float. And behind it you will find in Ocean:
  Island, where under an ancient tomb спрятан Astral Dominae.
  2 isolated from each other and from other world of a huge wood labyrinth with the rests of any structures and even road (in them, the truth, is not present anything interesting, except for an opportunity in duels with monsters to raise the level – at least, so it seemed to me). I shall not tell where they: want to visit there – will find.
  Cave of Dragons, where спрятан very important key.
  Sky City – city Helazoid (they Higardi).
  Hall of Crusaders – a place, where спрятан the Spacecraft.


Come into the Museum in New City. Closely прочтите also translate Boat Map. Approach to Twisted Heads and press buttons in such order: fear, anger, laughter, silence, surprise, happiness.
  Come on the ship. Examine it. Use Wikum’s Powerglobe from Hidden Temple-it is the engine for the ship! Hажмите the button on a wall also send to navigation.


From quay in New City float strictly on the south. Island which to you will meet, round on the right (here you still will return).
  Hайдите an extreme southwest point of island also float from it on a southwest. When will reach coast, turn to the right and float along it until will see clubs of a fog above water.
  Write down game – there there are dangerous rocks.
  Attention! From this place the machine will start to hang on a regular basis on 10-15 сек then again works normally. It is possible to get used to it.
  Swim up to coast. Wait nights. Hайдите on a rock a shone place. Use in this place Coil of the Serpent from Dionysceus.
  Kill Brombadeg, using spell Magic Screen.
  Pass on a cave. It constantly varies because of collapses try to not get under one of them – always there is other road. Your purpose – to get in a den of dragons. For this purpose find somewhere in the southern-southeast end of a cave the button on a wall – it it is not visible almost, use spell Detect Secret. Having turned the lever, спрятанный behind the button, you will open somewhere nearby pass to a den of dragons. In it much that lays, but the main thing that it is necessary to take – a key! At an output you will be waited by the owner of treasures…
  After that find in a distant southeast corner of a cave a ladder upward. It conducts in Sky City.


Sky City is a labyrinth with transparent walls. To understand with it it is simple. Take a shone key. Pass in a museum (a door break or open a credit card bought from Queen). Open a transparent wall a shone key there where the Sword lays. It is the most terrible weapon which you can receive – I checked all variants!!! Besides it одноручный, i.e. in other hand you can bear a board!
  There somewhere there is an automatic device with Powerpack which is put in action the Credit card. Powerpack are necessary to recharge only things of type of laser pistols, powergloves, etc.
  Credit cards are sold by Queen.
  Reach Queen. Give it Helazoid Banner (remember rescueed from T’Rang Jann-Ette) – receive in exchange a valuable amulet. All subjects which it sells, possess any special properties. If to make “Invoke”, they increase to you this or that parameter. Keep in mind – Queen buys subjects for 1/20 part of their price – do not sell to it anything! Ask about Hall of Crusaders.


Input – from a court yard of Queen. Впомните for the beginning as call the person, monuments to which came across to you already repeatedly.
  Call it if you have forgotten, Phoonzang. Pass all three court yard.
  Hб one of doors – the code lock. A code – on the second floor of a vault on Island so it is better to break a door!
  To get in the Spacecraft, again tell Phoonzang. Take the Card and Ring of the Globe. Come back to the ship and float on Island.


Hб island there are two towers and the closed wall. Hайдите on northern party of a wall a place where something is drawn or written.
  Use Wand Majestik, found in a cave with hydrochloric lake.
  There will be an essence which you already 2 times met. The answer to its question – “Man”. It will open a wall.
  Pass on a ground floor of a vault. Examine all tombs.
  Check up all sources. Write down game is more often. There it is a lot of doors, but keys you will find not all – they under the casual law come across in tombs or remain after duels with phantoms. I have opened all doors on 1-st floor, but anything essentially important there is not present – clothes, the weapon, amulets, etc. Hайдите a tomb of Princess of Monkeys (Gorn). Put on it the Crest from Orkogre Castle it you any more will not disturb. What for the gold bowl is necessary – I do not know: probably it is the same case, as in Dionysceus. At detour of a vault choose road – the part of traps can be bypassed, or to choose from them the least dangerous.
  Open a door above which the dragon is represented, a key which have found in the Cave of Dragons. Go down on the second floor.
  Examine the second floor. Pay attention to the Stone – on it a code for 2-nd doors in Hall of Crusaders (I hope, you have already broken it). The Same keys which open doors on a ground floor, open rooms 6-ти monsters. From them I have killed only 5. Beast of 1000 eyes it has appeared to me not on a teeth. From remained 5-ти four to kill easily enough. A demon 9-ти the worlds it is possible to kill so: make all command invisible and poison it. It will be possible to you not from the first. When it will be poisoned, wait, while it will die. To wait it is necessary long…
  The most important: to the left of a door in Hall of the Past above water there is a button. It opens a long corridor in which end lays Radiant Jewel. Take it, rise on a surface (on island). Hайдите there 2 towers. In each of them one wall – illusion, through it it is possible to pass. Use in one of towers Radiant Jewel. Take from statue Locket of the Tomb. Return on the second floor of a vault.
  So, we have approached to a door in Hall of the Past. As it to open, I do not know till now. In this place I had to pass through a door. Here is how it can be made.
  Cure all characters of all defeats. Health, stamina and magic energy there should be at all of 100 % (check up just in case it on a picture of the character on figures!). Approach to a door in Hall of the Past. Write down game. Make a step back, not turning. At once write down game the second time in a save-file with other name. Hикакие turns, duels, rearrangements of subjects, etc. between these two “rescue” are not supposed!!! By means of PCTOOLS (or other program convenient for you) compare the received 2 save-files. It is clear, that they will differ координтой your site and something (т.к in game time matters – remember: day, night, etc.) The third or fourth distinction under the account corresponds to a place in a save-file where the coordinate of your group is fixed. Having established this place (relative sector and displacement), change coordinate in appropriate way: if, for example, before a door in this place costs “2”, and for a step up to a door – “3”, put in this place “1” and at loading the rescueed game from this file you will appear behind a door. If my explanations are not so clear, address for the help to the one who understands it better you…
  By the way. This way of penetration through walls we shall apply and in other games of such type. So, I with success used it in game “Ishar” in which very much I recommend to play. There it was possible not only to pass to me through walls, but also to add to characters of money, ability and subjects. Using the method described above, I have passed game up to the end, not knowing any recipe for Magic Flask. H” about it is another time…
  So, we behind a door. The most complex labyrinth in all game Further begins. Hасколько I remember, subjects from the outside there are not necessary. Hужна only memory, logic and spatial imagination.
  To thicket rescue game. Use Wizard Eye and Locate Object. In a labyrinth it is a lot of floors – already I do not remember how many. Somewhere there is a source restoring magic force. Hб any crossroads always there are monsters – an excellent opportunity to lift a level! One more circumstance essentially facilitates game – in a labyrinth there is no place, having got in which, you could not get out outside. Hекоторые teleporters throw you each time in a new place – have it in a kind.
  Eventually you will appear before a teleporter which is put in action a code specified in Crystall Map. прочтите that in it is written is very close. Hажмите buttons on walls in such order:

  2. TOWER (this same, that Obelisk – see the Card) 3. MOON
  4. CROSS (island and a cross – see the Card)
  5. SKULL (night and death – see the Card)
  6. STAR (Astral – see the Card)
  7. EGG
  8. SUN – I have pressed this button of last since in the Card about it nothing is told – in word Dominae only 7 letters.

Rise on a pentagram. Somewhere beside the teleporter through which you will get to a ladder on a ground floor will open.
  Card of the last, a ground floor it is better to sketch on a paper.
  Pass on all Gold Circles on a floor in the same order in what pressed buttons on walls: a code – in Crystall Map (see above).
  If have not thought – I shall prompt:

  4. BOAT
  5. CRYPT
  6. STAR

Then find in the distant southern end of a labyrinth (an input there from a southeast corner) the secret button on a wall. For it – Tomb of the Astral Dominae. If you have correctly passed on Circles, the lattice will rise itself as soon as you to it will approach.

Rise on that place, where in a floor спрятан Astral Dominae.
  Use Vitalia’s Device, received in Forbidden Zone, New City. Give Vi Domina Ring of the Globe and Locket of the Tomb.
  After a duel with Dark Savant send in Sky City to the Spacecraft. Give Dark Savant Astral Dominae – you do not have choice if it to not make, it will kill you on a place. Sit down together with Vi Domina in the Spacecraft and – in a pursuit for Dark Savant…

HERE, apparently, And ALL… On November, 15th, 1993

P.S. The Earnest entreaty: if someone has any information on continuation of this remarkable game (this hour, probably, this continuation already is) – let know.


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Prologue. Time lead with Zelda for certain will be remembered to you, as one of the brightest impressions of videogame for all years играния on every possible prefixes and computers. Here all business in how to play. It is possible to overcome game at once, разом having passed all vaults, having destroyed bosses and having solved the basic puzzles somewhere for a week. It is possible to take advantage in general of the given passage and to finish all business for couple of days, thus completely having deprived with itself pleasures from the decision numerous smart задачек, thrown by the ingenious designer. Better all to operate slowly, not hurrying up anywhere to get all more deeply into surprising world Zelda. For this purpose you should travel closely on Хирулу, to talk to all characters, to try to reach the most improbable places, to try, try, try. It is possible to find such quantity of various employment in game, that to your surprise there will be no also a limit. Contrary to numerous wishes, we not begin to open all secrets, and we shall tell only that it is absolutely necessary to make to finish game. To not pass, and to finish. Perhaps, we shall hint and at pair the additional interesting moments. But for absolute passage from the given management do not wait. And please, address to it only in those cases if you have managed somewhere to get stuck. Here, actually, and everything about what it would be desirable to tell in a prologue… Characters and the equipment. The protagonist – the young fellow named the Link, is necessary to it long travel through eight large vaults in searches all over again three sacred stones opening an input in a chapel of the Temple of Time, and then, six medallions liberating light forces for struggle against the master of darkness, ominous Ганондорфом. To succeed in this process, various kinds of the weapon and receptions is required to you many-many. The part of the equipment is accessible to only young Link, something from regimentals suits in the sizes only to its adult embodiment. Below we shall describe all kinds of the weapon and magic, and also a place in which they can get. Swords: Sword Kokiri(Young Link) – Small knife, unique, suitable for the Young Link. Is in a chest in a small labyrinth in the south of Wood Кокири. Sword of Heroes (Adult Link) – the Standard weapon of the Adult Link serving also as a portal of time. Is in the Temple of Time in the хирул-town. Sword of the Giant (ВЛ) – Big sword, capable to cause significant damage to the opponent. It can not simultaneously be used with a board. Quickly breaks. It is possible to buy for 200 rupees at Медигорона in the City of Goronov. Big Sword Горонов (ВЛ) – Analogue of the Sword of the Giant, however is made by the well-known master and consequently does not break. It is possible to receive, having finished a network of trading operations of the Adult Link (about it below). Boards: Board to the Deck (ML) – the Small wooden board which enemies can break or burn easily enough. It is possible to buy for 40 rupees in Bench Кокири or practically in any shop. Also quite often lays in chests in vaults (if you casually have lost it). Royal Board (suits both) – a standard metal board for an adult Link. The young Link can be covered with it and be rescueed thus, for example, from stones falling from above. It is possible to find on the Cemetery under one of tombs, to buy in the хирул-town or in Village Kakariko. Mirror Board (ВЛ) – the Special board of absolutely unique appearance and the design, supplied by a smooth surface, capable to reflect magic attacks. Is in the Temple of Spirits. Clothes: Tunika Kokiri (suits both) – the Standard attire of our hero. It is given initially. Tunika Goronov (ВЛ) – Overalls for work in conditions of extremely heats (read – in a muzzle of a volcano). It is possible to catch in an adult condition at going for a drive on the second floor Goron City камноеда. It is necessary for it to throw a bomb under legs. After that it is possible to buy in shop for 200 rupees. Tunika Zora(ВЛ) – Clothes for travel under water. Having dressed this тунику, the Link can breathe under water. It is possible to receive at king Zora in an adult condition, обдав its Dark blue Fire from the Ice Cave. Footwear: Boots Кокири (suits both) – Ordinary boots without magic properties. Iron Boots (ВЛ) – the Greater boots grounded by lead which allow the hero to plunge into water on greater depth. Are in the Ice Cave. Boots of the Wind (ВЛ) – Small boots with wings, allow the hero to soar short time in air above a precipice. To find it is possible in the Temple of Shadows. Action the first. The boy without the fairy. For the beginning accustom with management, run about on village, talk to inhabitants about that, about this. Two subjects are absolutely necessary for continuation of adventures. The first – a sword. Get on a hill to the left of own house, get over through an obstacle and on all fours get into a hole in a wall. You will appear in a small labyrinth on which the huge cobble-stone counter-clockwise slides. Run directly behind it, turn to the right, on the left and once again напаво. The sword is in a chest. Get out therefrom… Now a board. It can be bought in shop for 40 rupees which are necessary for collecting from improvised materials. Cut down all coming across on ways кустики, throw in all the parties stones and gradually you save up the necessary sum. Buy a board and dress it. Now move to east part of a wood to the big tree. Talk to the little boy blocking a way, show it the sword and a board, and it will pass you. After long conversation with the Great Tree to the Deck, come inside of the first Vault. Now one moment. In common, the enemies placed inside of vaults, as a rule, do not demand obligatory destruction (unless when their death opens to you a way to other rooms). So by and large on кучачие flowers it is possible to not pay attention. However it is not necessary to forget, that on a place of a corpse of the monster always there is something useful. So, walk upstairs upward, and run forward, jumping through obstacles. Open a chest and get therefrom the Card of the Vault. Now go further, not paying attention to spiders up to a following door. Open it. In a room one rather widespread version of monsters will sit. Get the board and try to reflect it a shot directly in a body of the enemy (with it rather will help наводка button Z). Now run up to the monster and talk to it. Lattices from doors will be cleaned also you can continue travel. Go further, quickly jump through a failure and take from chest Рогатку of Fairies. If it will not turn out, it is possible to climb on the opposite party easily on lianes on a wall. Now turn back and shoot from рогатки on a ladder hanging on an opposite wall. Come back to the first chest, lianes and spiders… Kill spiders from shooter, rise upward and, besides not paying attention to spiders, go to a door. Attack the button, and быстренько jump on the risen platforms to a chest opposite. Take the Compass. This simple device will show now on a card a finding of all confidential subjects in each separate Vault. It, the truth, as well as a card, will have each time to find anew. Jump downwards and kill the appeared spider when it will turn to you fat брюшком. Now get back, attack the button and in the same way jump in a niche at the left. Kill Gold Скуллтуллу (all them in game спрятано exactly 100 and for each ten from first fifty you will receive from the released kiddies in House Скуллтуллы in Village Kakariko a costly present). Open сундучок and go back. Get a wooden stick, bring it to a burning torch, зажгите and from it ignite the second torch. This simple procedure will open a door back. Leave, approach to one of gleams in a web, kill a spider, look downwards and accurately jump directly on колыхающуюся in the center of a hall a web. If all will be correctly made, you fail through it on a ground floor. Get out of water, kill a floret, fill up health due to plants, and get over on the second platform. Attack the button, a number зажжётся a torch. From it зажгите the next stick also jump on the first platform. Зажгите a web in a corner also pass through a door. Communicate with next плевателем nuts and learn a secret of greater brothers. Now be aimed from рогатки in a greater silver emblem above a door, shoot at it and leave in a following hall. Jump in water, swim up to hidden in it more thickly the button also press it. Now быстренько get out, jump on a platform, cross through pool and get out on other I protect. Move a large stone, get on it and go to a following door. In a following room зажгите from a burning torch others two. In the next hall kill a spider, зажгите a torch and burn a web in two corners. It is possible to not pay attention to younger brothers of the boss, simply running past. Now squeeze through a small aperture in a wall, and you will appear in the first room. Here get rid downwards of the big stone, jump off downwards, зажгите a torch and быстренько подожгите a web in a floor. Fail downwards, collect сердечки in water if it is necessary, and kill enemies in strict sequence. First that in the center. Then that on the right. And only after that that at the left. Catch the villain and talk to it. Now go through a door to the boss. The boss: Гохма. To kill this spider of especial efforts it is not required. When it sits on the ground, you can paralyse it, throwing on it nuts then it is necessary to beat it on an eye. If it will get on a wall upward, try to get on it from рогатки. Eggs which bears паучина, it is necessary to destroy still before from them hatch small паучки. Having killed a handsome man, take big сердечко (it will increase your maximum level of health) and enter a dark blue circle. Action the second. Meetings at the summit. After a long cinema narration, to you the whole world of new opportunities will open. And first of all it is necessary to visit in Lock Hirul on appointment to princess Zeldoj. The lock necessary to you is in the north of the basic territory of kingdom. To get into Steppe Hirul it is possible through the western output from Wood Кокири. Chat with the lovely girl, catch a musical instrument, then send on the north. If hurry, will be in time in the lock before dark. If is not present, will have послоняться on fields till the morning, battling with unpretentious monsters while to you will not lift the bridge. Is better and make, as in any case you should wait till the morning to get actually in покои Зельды. Pass on market площать, bypass a fountain and send straight to the lock. In city centre there is a set of the most interesting places which should be visited. It is possible now, and it is possible and later. Some from them (majority) the some people work only in the afternoon, and – only at night. To wait nights it is possible in a garden at the lock. Having appeared in a garden, talk to the girl costing nearby to a tree twice. It will ask you to wake its lazy daddy and will give you an egg. Get on странноватому to a plant on mountain and go to a gate. Now attention… The Policemen protecting the lock, for certain will not be glad to see the boy wandering nearby from protected object, therefore they are better for avoiding. So. Now jump off on the ground behind a gate, rise in a hill approximately up to its middle and turn off the road, bending around the next policeman. Now run to an opposite wall at which you will see a bricklaying climbing up upward. Get, run forward and easy jump downwards, and then and in water. Float along the channel to the right, get out of water and go to peacefully sleeping old man. Get hen already hatched from an egg (the chicken by all means will appear at a dawn) and wake the careless farmer. Talk to it. Now it is possible to borrow and business. Move two blocks costing by a number to edge and вытолкайте them from a platform, forming thus small pyramid, having run on which, you can get to a small falls and get into the park filled by policemen. To get into this park it is possible only in the afternoon, at night the arrangement of protection does not leave to you uniform chance to remain not noticed. The major principle in procedure of avoiding of undesirable meetings is a patience. It is not necessary to hurry up, and in due course all by all means will turn out. Having appeared in the Court yard of the Lock, approach to Зельде and initiate long conversation which result becomes reception of the letter authorizing you on the widest actions on rescue of kingdom, and first of accessible melodies, a royal song Lullaby Зельды. Now you should visit the new Bosoms-bosoms familiar with Ranch (if, certainly, you plan to get in the future a horse). The farm is in the center of a card in a small stone ring. Come into a small house at the left, and play mini-game. It is necessary to catch three especial hens whom your friend will let go, having started a stop watch. Externally they do not differ at all from others оперённых knaves, therefore it is necessary to resort to cunning. Before talking to it, try to abandon hens already wandering in district somewhere in a corner or on a ladder, and to catch these especial three begins easier. In the award you receive to bank in which it is possible to store magic medicines, small fishes, жучков, ghosts and milk. At least, one such bank is absolutely necessary for you for passage of game. Other can be received three at will… Now go to a small hippodrome and talk with Малон. Here and the first meeting with a favourite horse. And песенка which will allow you to call up in the future Эпону to itself. Get Окарину and sing песенку together with Малон. Send on wide open spaces of Steppe Hirul and go to a huge volcano on северо-вотоке cards. In Village какарико where you will get, it is possible to find a heap of opportunities to fill up the well-being and stock. For example, having collected for the girl from a back court yard of all run up hens, it is possible to receive one more to bank. Having opened one of tombs on a cemetery, you receive a useful Royal Board. Besides it, in village there is already mentioned House Скуллтуллы in which it is necessary to not forget to drop in each time after murder of the next ten gold spiders. There are also shops… And the policeman with whom the trading chain begins. Somewhere in village спрятаны some slices сердечек… But all this then. Now, go on the left, upwards on a ladder and talk from the policemen, blocking pass on Mountain of Death. Show it Letter Зельды. To pass through a gate still it is impossible. This board which I have just mentioned is necessarily necessary. So wait nights and safely send on the Cemetery (east part of Village Kakariko). Move a stone on a tomb with florets in the first number, and take away from a box below a board. It is possible to buy simply, certainly, it in shop. Now from you it is required to make one more travel. In a native wood. Come back in Wood Кокири, get on a hill in the north of village, and through the next hollow send to the Forgotten Woods. It is necessary for you to find the зеленоволосую the girl-friend. It is hard for making, as labyrinthes of the Forgotten Woods are complex enough. But there are two secrets. First, at a correct input music sounds always more loudly, than about others, incorrect. Secondly, ” false passes ” look a little differently through what you can leave in the next room, at your approach them, they turn to a certain similarity of black holes, absolutely bottomless while usual passes look simply black. Anyhow, the correct combination is those: to the right, on the left, to the right, on the left, directly, on the left, to the right. Kill the wolf, and go further. Accurately pass through a labyrinth to its northern part, walk upstairs, and you will appear near Forest Temple. Talk with Сарией, and learn a new song. Now you can get in the second vault. Also, since this moment the Shop of Cheerful Masks in the хирул-town opens, and you can execute the most part of trading operations accessible to a young Link. Action the third. Mountain of Death and a trouble of tribe горонов-камнеедов. Come back to the policeman and pass through a gate. Rise uphill, in passing killing spiders. Talk with Гороном about the barricaded pass and go further upward. You will appear beside with an input in the City of Goronov. Safely go by festival tags and come inside. Talk to all Горонами and go down on the lowermost floor. Rise on коврик before a door in a throne room and sing Lullaby Зельды. Talk to the leader, and then sing to it cheerful Song Сарии. The mood at that will immediately rise, and it even will be good enough, that will borrow you especial браслетик by means of which you can lift heavy enough subjects (bombs, for example). Now it is necessary to leave only city, to be passed to sitting on edge of a rock above the blocked input in Cave Додонго Горону, to take in hands growing рядышком a bomb and to dump it downwards. The huge boulder blocking an input will collapse also you can get, at last, inside. That it was more convenient to you to be guided in rather complex Vaults of game, we apply cards and we specify in figures necessary sequence of actions. So, Cave Додонго. Among monsters meeting there laser installations in the form of a rotating eye in which it is necessary to throw bombs, and also, fiery lizards who after a while after your attack blow up are especially dangerous… 1. Blow up a bomb the blocked door. 2. Take the Card of the Vault. 3. Blow up one more door. 4. Move a statue on the switch in a floor. 5. Destroy two lizards. 6. Зажгите three torches. 7. Attack the switch in a floor to open a northwest door. 8. Blow up a wall. 9. Kill a becoming hysterical statue by means of bombs to receive the Compass. 10. Use a bomb to blow up by turns all other plants seated around. That all has turned out, it is necessary to place зажженную a bomb precisely in the central aperture (there where there is no one plant). 11. Move a statue and make active the switch. 12. Blow up a wall above a ladder. For this purpose preliminary jump on the platform next to a ladder and therefrom already throw a bomb. 13. Shoot at the switch with the eye represented on it. 14. Kill two lizards. 15. Shoot at two перелючателя with eyes. 16. Take from a chest bag for storage of bombs (it is one of the most valuable your purchases in game). 17. Attack the switch to make active a rising platform. 18. Here it is possible to blow up a wall and to receive the Board to the Deck (if suddenly it is required). 19. Throw bombs in two breaches in the bridge above the central room, that зажечь eyes to a dragon laying below. 20. Move the block from northern aperture to the switch in a floor. 21. Blow up a door to get to the boss. The boss: Tsar Dodongo. As the boss in Cave Додонго serves huge, but extremely charming dinosaur who likes to go for a drive on a circle for you in hope to knock down the Link, or to breathe a unpleasant fiery tornado. Despite of the sizes to destroy Додонго it is not too complex. When it will start to prepare for a few to breathe a flame, throw to it in the open mouth a bomb, then jump up to it and помахайте before a nose a sword. Repeat process about four times, trying as it is possible to avoid more accurately sharp thorns of its backbone, being covered for hardly appreciable ledges in a hall or approaching almost to the edge of a lava. Soon all will be finished. Take сердечко and send upward. And there already present holiday. At last favourite delicacies are again accessible! King will present you as a token of gratitude one of Sacred Stones so now at their your order two – there was only one, last Sapphire Зора. But before sending to the river, get on very tall mountain to meet one extremely interesting and useful character. Blow up cobble-stones barring way, equip the Royal Board, and, constantly holding it above a head, accurately pass under a stream сыпящихся stones. Kill spiders, and get upward. Here blow up an input in a cosy vault at the left and come into the Fountain of the Great Fairy where will meet rather frivolous magic person who will allocate you with magic abilities. It is enough to rise only on a symbol of royal family and to play Lullaby Зельды. The wise Owl will suggest you to sweep on its wings in Village Kakariko – travel rather pleasant. Simply approach to it подближе when it will start to swing wings, and the Link will be hooked for it automatically. The chapter the fourth. Intra-uterine adventures in the water world. Send now to a source of the river proceeding through Steppe Hirul, and you will appear in extreme a beauty spot. Here there are some rather interesting places. 1. The Seller of Magic Beans. You can buy up to ten these surprising sunflower seeds and then plant them in ten various places in territory of kingdom (suitable places are noted by small slices of soft ground with small дырочками – them easily enough to notice). In those places where the sunflower seed will be planted, the matured Link will see a strange magic tree which can bring it to inaccessible places in other case and to additional gifts. 2. In small болотце on wooden trunks there live frogs whom you can for good compensation arrange musical concerts. 3. And here there is an input in a small Fountain of Fairies which can restore to you health. They also can be caught in banks for further use. 4. Rise on the image of a symbol of royal family and sing Lullaby Зельды. After a song the stream of water from a falls will be weakened, and you can jump in the opened pass. Possession Зора is a city enough strange essences, half people, half fishes, in general, such original mermaids. To pass further, from you it is required as it is necessary to investigate this territory. So: 1. Магазинчик. The useful place in which, the truth, is not present anything such that could not be found in other places, and is absolutely free-of-charge. 2. Small заводь in which it is necessary to scoop банкой some water and to catch in it a small fish. If very strongly it would be desirable, the small fish can and be bought. 3. The Throne of king Zora. Approach to it, and talk to the most august monarch about its gone дочурке. But to search for it for the present time has not come. 4. Here there is a portal sending you in Fountain Зора. 5. Near to throne Зора назодится small pass in which end you can play interesting game. It will be necessary for you to dive after the thrown out coins and to collect all of them without exception for the small period of time. If you will manage to win, you receive Silver Чешуйку, a special artefact which will allow you to dive a little bit more deeply, than earlier. 6. Having returned to a throne room, and having received a gift, dive again and float under water to a door leading to Lake Hilia. Absolutely near to that place where you come up, you will see laying at the bottom бутылочку in which there is a letter from princess Ruto who as it is found out, has got stuck in a stomach of a huge fish. Come back to king and show it the letter. It will be removed aside, and you can pass to this huge рыбине. In territory ” together with рыбиной “, you can find also and one more Fountain of the Great Fairy which will acquaint you with pleasant, but almost useless defensive spell. Put рыбину from banks before a mouth of lord Dzhabu-Dzhaby, and you can get inside. Inside of lord Dazhbu-Dzhabu. From meeting monsters especial danger is represented by jellyfishes who amaze you with a current. They cannot be killed a sword, therefore to you will have or to shoot on them, or to exasperate with their impacts by the Stick to the Deck. Vile тварями also various feelers which are better for destroying on distance also are or to run by them as soon as possible. A cheerful kind balloons, by the way, are filled by structures unpleasant for you so too it is better to get rid of them. 1. Вытрелите on sticking out from a ceiling язычку, that отпереть a door. 2. Here you will meet princess Ruto who not only will appear the bad girl, but thus also enough capricious and disobedient. After it will jump downwards, try to follow to its example (necessarily jump in the same отверствие). 3. Talk with it twice and set it to itself on a neck. All time drag it with itself. 4. Throw it on opposite coast and attack the switch to get over most. 5. Open a door by means of the switch. 6. Rise on a platform on the top floor. 7. Use weight two person to press the button. 8. Destroy four Stingers in a room and take a boomerang. Extremely useful weapon which always comes back to you in hands. The boomerang can as well to grasp any subject and to bring it directly to your legs. 9. Attack the button and leave princess to sit on it. 10. Come into a room and destroy a huge feeler by means of a boomerang. Take from a chest a card of a vault. 11. Destroy all air bubbles in a room for thirty seconds to receive the Compass. 12. Destroy a blue feeler. 13. Kill one more feeler. 14. Now you sweep up, that in the central room access to a northwest failure has opened. Jump in it, and prepare to серьёзной to fight. 15. To kill the appeared monster, it is necessary for you to reach its weak place which is at it behind. The problem that back on own will it to you to turn will not want. It is necessary to stop it бумарангом. Chances approximately 50Х50. If it has turned out, immediately run to it and beat a sword. It is necessary to tell what to win this monster even more difficultly, than other boss. 16. Clamber on a platform. 17. Use boxes costing nearby to press the button and to fix it in this condition. 18. Use a boomerang at the top to get about a transparent membrane which opens road to the boss. The boss: Баринэйд. It is impossible to tell, that this boss is very combined or owns any amazing tricks. But stocks on transformation and силищи it has oh as much. The main moment which to you should be acquired: never it is necessary to turn to the boss a back – try to hold constantly it on z-targeting. Accurately bypass all its attacks and a wave of an electricity and constantly throw a boomerang in points specified by system. If it is necessary to you hardly always it is possible to take advantage of the bonuses scattered on edges of a room. When all will be over, take next сердечко and send together with Руто on a surface. Action the fifth. Terrible dreams become явью. So, having collected all three Sacred Stones, you, at last, get access to a secret hall of the Temple of Time in the хирул-town. Send to Lock Hirula, and on approaches to it receive acknowledgement of disturbing ideas. Зельда, having seen you, will throw in water any subject. Jump in ров and get from it Окарину Time. You can communicate on the telepathic channel with most Зельдой, and it will learn you to a new melody, and will tell, that now it is necessary to make to overcome Ганондорфа. Now come into city, it is direct in a temple. At an altar play the Song of Times to which you has learned Зельда. Three sacred stones will borrow the places, and the door in a secret room will open. Enter inside and get from a stone the Sword of Heroes. And here magic now will begin. The link will be transferred in time for seven years forward to rescue kingdom from the most terrible danger for all history of its existence. After long conversations with one of keepers of sacred medallions, and then and with strange Шейкхом, for some reason hiding the person, leave a temple. It, probably, the most interesting place in all game. Now you have an opportunity to look at kingdom later such huge time interval. Many of the people who have met to you as it is strange, will recollect that once on these grounds the strange young hero in which description of features you with surprise learn yourselves favourite wandered. Now you should find five special magic medallions which are stored by five keepers of five various temples of every possible elements in territory of kingdom Hirul. It is the Temple of the Wood in the Forgotten Woods, the Temple of Fire in the Crater of Mountain of Death, the Temple of Water at the bottom of Lake Hilia, the Temple of Shadows in Village Kakariko and the Temple of Spirits in Valley Герудо. Each of temples – will borrow a huge labyrinth, which passage from you much more time, than easy children’s walks on the three first constructions. We shall begin? Action the sixth. Difficult road to the Temple of the Wood. To continue the wanderings, the new equipment as the old weapon детсадовского the period, unfortunately, for the matured Link is not necessary is required to you. First such new purchase becomes the Harpoon. It is stored in a tomb of the former keeper of a cemetery in Village Kakariko. This tomb is easy for distinguishing from the others – also, as well as in case of with a board, the grave of grave-digger Dampa is decorated by several modest florets. Remove a tomb, jump in the formed hole and try to keep up for dead, but all still very brisk Дампом. If you will manage to be in time behind it, turning aside accurately from torches thrown by it in a gift you receive a desired Harpoon. Now it would be reasonable to go on Ranch of Bosoms-bosoms and to take away therefrom the horse. However to make it it is not so simple. The present owner of ranch submits Ганондорфу, and Эпона is intended for преподнесения to it as a gift. However the owner is silly and very greedy up to money. Therefore for the beginning take a horse simply to drive for ten rupees, подзовите Эпону firm песенкой, and talk with Инго. It will suggest you to do a bit of travelling наперегонки with the rate in 50 rupees. You should pass twice on a circle around of a hippodrome. To win Инго, it is required a little: to be pulled out forward on the first meters of a distance. Mercilessly хлестайте a horse in the beginning of race also push aside Инго on external radius. After that economically finish race, not passing the opponent. The same needs to be made and in second time. After that as follows be dispersed and jump through the gate closed by the bastard. Here you and on a horse! After so entertaining moment, will have to return to labour everyday lives. Send to the Forgotten Woods, and accurately go to that place where in the childhood you met with Сарией. More cautiously with new monsters – they attack you immediately as soon as will see. Therefore to amaze them or to escape from them in the next lane it is necessary only during those moments when they turn to you a back. With last of them already on the avenue leading to the Temple of the Wood, it will be especially difficult. Try to turn aside from its attacks following попременно those at the left, on the right. After the next subject impregnation with participation known to you Шейкха, you learn a new melody which will allow you at any moment from any place телепортироваться to an input in the Temple of the Wood. Now be hooked by the Harpoon for a tree and send to the Temple of the Wood. Temple of the Wood. Tactics of passage of locks now cardinally varies with introduction of keys. To open the closed door, it is required to you small silver ключик which can be found in one of chests in the lock or to receive from the killed monster. Keys in each of locks is available exactly as much, how many and the closed doors and to use keys from other locks it is not authorized. Nevertheless, cards of vaults are constructed in such a manner that you never can cardinally get stuck in game, having opened the necessary key not that door. So be not afraid to experiment. 1. Get on lianes on a tree and take the first key from a small chest. 2. Kill two skeletons to receive one more key. They can seem abrupt enough opponents, for a victory above which you should be protected rather accurately by a board and to strike its blows during that moment when from protection is weak (just after they strike the next blow). 3. Get on a wall into a room on other floor. 4. Destroy a bubble to receive the Card of the Vault. 5. Strike on the switch by means of the Harpoon. 6. Get inside of a well to receive a small key. 7. Come into the western closed door. 8. Solve a puzzle. From a ceiling some cubes with various slices of pictures will fall down. From them it is necessary to combine the image drawn on a wall. Unfortunately, help you with this process we cannot, as each time a combination varies. However you should know, that one of cubes (black) is not used at all and for its simplicity it is possible to remove at once in a distant corner. At you at the disposal of some attempts, and having a little trained you will solve a puzzle for few seconds. Consider, that a floor little bit rough and some cubes we cannot simply shift, therefore a place for gathering choose accurately. 9. Come into the overwound room. 10. Jump to a door on the right. 11. Kill three skeletons to receive one more improbably useful subject – the Onions of Heroes. It alongside with the Harpoon becomes your basic weapon which always should be nearby. 12. Shoot at pictures on walls at flights of stairs during that moment when you will see on them images of ghosts. If ghosts disappear, leave a room and come again. After three pictures will be amazed, you battle to the mini-boss. Keep from a ghost far away when it turns, and attack after it suddenly will stop. Time three or four, and a small key at you in a pocket. 13. Do the same procedure with ghosts on the other hand. In a gift – the Compass. 14. Shoot from an onions in the image of an eye on a wall that the overwound corridor became normal. 15. Take a key from a room of the boss in the painted beautiful box and jump in a hole in a floor. 16. Kill the Hand-monster. First simply strike an impudent hand, and then quickly and very cautiously interrupt all without exception its remains. If it will not turn out, the monster soon again предстанет before you entirely. As a prize you receive one more key for a victory. 17. Hit the freezed switch in the form of an eye by means of a burning arrow. Wait the moment when you will be between a torch and this switch and shoot. Some practice Is required. 18. Maneuvering on a field, killing spiders and opening boxes, avoid a falling ceiling. In it is available a little saving отверствий so to run all distance at one go it is not required. 19. Kill the next ghost. 20. The final mini-boss. From four appearing ghosts, the present is only one – it lovely помигает in the beginning of battle. It it is necessary to bring down five times from an onions. Long. Unpleasantly. But it is necessary. 21. Move an internal part of a wall in one direction, collecting вещички from boxes, killing monsters and on жимая on buttons until the door to the boss will open. 22. Come on a visit to phantom Ganondorfa. The boss: the Phantom Ganondorfa This boss – one of the most complex for all game. Actually, even final embodiment Ганондорфа cannot be compared to complexity with its phantom variant. So, firstly you should reflect attacks of horse variant Ганондорфа. It will move towards to you simultaneously from two pictures on walls. However one of these images – false. Correct in what the picture seems a little светлее. You should shoot on this phantom until you cannot relieve it of a horse. Here the present fun now will begin. It will synthesize magic categories which you should reflect the sword, playing thus in original ping-pong. Who has won a round has an opportunity to reduce health of the opponent. Only do not forget to strike the paralysed phantom. In end take сердечко and send on an interesting meeting. Action the seventh. In a crater огнедышащего a volcano. Sending on searches of Medallion Огна, turn on a way to the City of Goronov in which you should find the special suit allowing the Link to sustain terrible heat of a muzzle of a volcano of the Temple of Fire. The cheerful city камнеедов now has absolutely become empty, and only one madman горончик goes for a drive on the second circle of a vault. The small bomb, thrown to it towards, will by all means stop the clever man. It appears, the little boy – your namesake named in honour of the young hero by king Darunija several years ago. The guy will present you Тунику Горонов and will tell how to make the way to an input in the Temple of Fire in which spiteful монстрина by name Волвагия, revived Ганондорфом, holds captive all present population of Mountain of Death. Now send to a throne hall to king and find a confidential input in the Temple of Fire behind statues. Put on new тунику and send inside. Get over through the destroyed bridge directly before you by means of the Harpoon (having hooked by it for wooden overlappings of the bridge), and you again will meet with Шейкхом. This time you can learn a new song – the Bolero of Fire, which телепортирует the Link directly to an input in the Temple of Fire. Now come into a small cave and come downstairs. Temple of Fire. Basic your problem in this vault, besides search of the main boss, is clearing all hostages which are in the conclusion in the several chambers scattered on all vault. Another by, alas, to pass a vault it will not be possible. 1. Enter into a hall to the left of a top of a ladder. 2. Talk with Даруния. 3. Горон #1 And сундучок with a small key. 4. Горон #2 And сундучок with a small key. 5. Sing the Song of Times to lift a magic stone. 6. Blow up a wall to rescue Горон #3 And to take сундучок with a small key. 7. Push off the block on a fiery geyser and then accurately jump off on it to rise on the top floor. 8. Shoot at the crystal switch and quickly run to погасшему for the period of a flame. Get upward. 9. Blow up a counterfeit wall to reach up to Gold Скуллтуллы. 10. Горон #4 And сундучок with a small key. 11. Горон #5 And сундучок with a small key. 12. Shoot at the switch in the form of an eye to enter into a room with a card. 13. Enter into a room and run to a point 14. 14. Play the Song Frightened. Some explanatories here are required. Being at young age, you could meet in a floor near to Lake Hilia nice frightened, which asked to sing to it something and has promised to remember this melody. To sing to it everything (though better to choose a melody easier) is possible, here again it is important to remember this melody. Having returned to an adult condition, go on a new meeting with Пугалом and sing to it that song. Since this moment in some secret places you can use this song to cause to yourselves to the aid this scarecrow. In this case is a unique opportunity to get in a confidential place. 15. Blow up a crack in a stone. 16. Горон #6 And сундучок with a small key. 17. Горон #7 And сундучок with a small key. 18. Rise opposite to a ledge and jump forward. Clamber upward and come into a following premise. 19. Avoiding suddenly appearing fiery edges, make the way to a chest with a compass. 20. Pass through a labyrinth to a lattice. 21. Attack the switch to pacify a flame. 22. Kill the fiery monster by means of bombs. 23. Shoot at the switch from the Harpoon. 24. Attack the switch and accurately, slowly, run to a chest on other to edge of a precipice on a long and narrow path. Not paying attention on what, take its contents before time allocated to you will end. 25. By means of the recently acquired weapon, Молота, push a cube downwards. 26. Break Ground a statue. 27. Strike Ground on the stone block. 28. Put a box on the switch. 29. Beat Ground the block. 30. Горон #8 And сундучок with a small key. 31. Strike on a column Ground. 32. Punch a confidential door by means of the same tool. 33. Kill a feeler. 34. Win one more fiery creation. 35. Горон #9 And сундучок with a key from a door of the boss. 36. Before jumping to a door of the boss, reach by means of the Harpoon on a platform in a northwest part of a room where you will find pair fairies (which it would be advisable to catch in bank). The boss: Волвагия Time has come to get acquainted with one of the most charming bosses in game. Волвагия – cheerful and improbably charming драгонесса which, on coincidence of circumstances, does not wish to be friends of you. It has two basic types of attacks. In the first variant it is put out from small отвестия (which on a battlefield it is located about ten) and, swinging the fiery head of hear, tries to knock you down, and then exhales the whole fountain of a flame. In the second case it gets out of a nest completely, flies up highly in air and bombards you a volley of small meteorites which, the truth, fall in the casual order and consequently special harm do not cause. Focus of effective struggle consists in precisely to react on appeared драконью top and immediately to give дракоше a good punch by means of recently acquired Молота. To get it is necessary about half-dozen times then Volvagia will fly up in air, and vicinities will be announced by its last shout. Action the eighth. Recollecting craft of brothers Марио. Following your campaign can be named one of most complex of everything that meet in game. The temple of Water is combined not only exhausting changings clothes of footwear, a sluggishness of reactions under water and tiresome switching of a level by this in, but also not trivial головоломочками, to solve which, moreover and in the correct order, difficultly enough. And nevertheless… Send to Possession Зора, and you will see the next sad picture – all is around held down by ices, and former inhabitants it is not visible anywhere. Having risen in a throne room, you sweep up, what even king Zora has turned to a huge piece of ice which, certainly, will have to kindle. To make it it is possible only by means of a special blue flame which is on sale worth its weight in gold in every possible commercial tents or is absolutely free of charge in the Ice Cave located for чередой of icebergs on that place where laid your favourite рыбина джабу-джабу earlier. Ahead a mini-vault, really not so big and absolutely simple. Nevertheless, basically, it is possible to consider as its almost high-grade addition to the Temple of Water. Ice Cave 1. Collect all five silver coins. 2. Grasp in bank Blue Fire. I advise to fill with a flame at once all banks, that for you are available then to not search for it again. With its help you can kindle any ice wall (in Зельда such ice for some reason gives red). 3. Take from a chest a card. 4. Take a compass. 5. Collect five silver coins, moving the ice block on a room, and then drown this block in water. As soon as it will appear again, push it all over again to east wall, and then to southern. After that you can get on a high platform and pass in a following hall. 6. Kill White wolves to catch iron boots which allow you to go under water. After you will find iron boots, will appear Шейкх and will learn you to the next song, Серенаде Waters which will carry you directly to an input in the Temple of Water which as follows from the name, under water and is. However, to not choke under water, one more subject, namely Туника Зора which can be elicited at king Zora is required to you, having kindled a blue flame an ice block, in which it, so to say, врос. After that safely send on Lake Hilia, put on before an input in a temple iron boots, shoot from the Harpoon at the green switch and come inside. Temple of Water 1. Here you will meet with matured and a little grown wiser (absolutely slightly) princess Ruto. Follow for it and try to penetrate into everything, about what it щебечет. 2. Lower a water level, having played on окарине Lullaby Зельды. 3. Take from a chest a card of a vault. 4. Push the block in pass, until then while that will not fall down. 5. Lift a water level, having played on окарине Lullaby Зельды. 6. Investigate east corridor. 7. Take the Compass. 8. Отоприте also investigate the western corridor. 9. Lift a water level, having played on окарине Lullaby Зельды. 10. Lower a water level, having played on окарине Lullaby Зельды. 11. Lift a water level, having played on окарине Lullaby Зельды. 12. Lift a water level, having played on окарине Lullaby Зельды. 13. Accurately jump through platforms. 14. Take advantage of the Harpoon to make the way over a room with a statue. 15. Pass afar to lake and win the mini-boss, the Dark Link. Feature of this fight consists that the Dark Link uses in fight by the same tactics, as you, and, moreover, extremely skilfully parries impacts. It was easier to win it, try to keep not on most островке, and somewhere near to it. Use Молот. After the enemy will be broken, the surrounding landscape will sharply change. The award – the Long Harpoon. (replaces with itself a former Harpoon, therefore further under the text we shall name it simply Harpoon). 16. Here from you be required truly аркадные skills. It is necessary to go down on rough small river, yes so that thus to not get in whirlpool. In spite of the fact that the first whirlpools are easy for overcoming, some of the last will by all means drain in you under water. Try to jump somewhat quicker on a platform at the left, and then, using the Harpoon to get over on other coast to a lattice and сундучку. 17. Lower a water level, having played on окарине Lullaby Зельды. 18. Send to a southern corridor. 19. Kill small mini-bosses. 20. Attack the switch in a floor. 21. Cross the water bridge and send straight to the boss. The boss: the Morph The most simple boss in game, in my modest opinion (and on my immodest too – a comment of the editor). To win it it is possible from the first, and not having lost uniform сердечка. Everything, that from you is required, it to rise in a distant corner, to evade from attack and to aim the Harpoon at heart of an amoeba, to shoot, drag сердечко on a chain to itself, вдарить разом a sword and to repeat procedure some times. Surprisingly, how much quickly also this boss will be simply overcome. It is necessary to tell, that with the Dark Link of problems it was obvious much more. Action the ninth. A deceptive dark empire. Having had heard plenty from Шейкха all terrible stories, the Link sends to Village Kakariko and observes a terrible fire which is caused by that from the imprisonment at the bottom of a well in village terrible monster Bongo-Bongo was pulled out. Шейкх as it is usual, soon disappears, and we still have only long way to the decision of a problem. This time again will not do without a mini-vault. Your purpose – special талисман which the Lens of the Truth refers to. With its help you can overcome false obstacles under the ground both on a surface, and without the Lens of the Truth the further way is impossible. (All is possible in this world. Once I had a weak computer and was used глючный эмуль in which this artefact was useless, nevertheless at support of Russian colloquial game has been passed – a comment The editor-bore) First of all, from you it is required to get on a mill and to talk to the old organ-grinder who will play to you a new song, having accompanied with its sad history how seven years ago any сопляк has played it and has managed to break a mill. Probably, you guess, who it was (here they, whirlpools of time – a comment of the editor) and that it is necessary to make further. Correctly, to return to the childhood and to make this small prank. The risen whirlwind will force a mill to turn all more quickly and more quickly until water from a well completely will not be pumped over in other source. The well now is dry and free for your researches. помаяться in a vault to you will have fairly as it is filled by the false walls, invisible breaches in a floor and other dirty tricks, to tell about which, however, we do not have opportunity. Experimental by gradually you will approach to сундучку at number 2 in which it is stored талисман. Get out of a well, talk with Шейкхом and learn a new song – the Nocturne of Shadows which will allow you to appear directly at an input in the Temple of Shadows on the Cemetery. To open an entrance door, all is required to you зажечь simultaneously torches costing by circle. To make it Fire of Dynes is the most easier by means of a spell, which can be received at the Great Fairy near to Lock Hirul (it is necessary to destroy by bombing an input in its cave), certainly, at infantile age. Temple of Shadows After the confused Temple of Water the next vault is passed rather easily. No especial meanness here are present, and the attention, vigilance and accurate use of the Lens of the Truth is required only. So: 1. Take a card of a vault. 2. Take Boots of the Wind, preliminary having killed a feeler. By means of these a boot you can soar some time above the ground instead of a jump. But as a by-effect of the Link will start to bring terribly, and management will become not too convenient. So I advise to use flying boots only when they are absolutely necessary. 3. To open a door, examine a room with a statue by means of the Lens of the Truth and turn it so that the index has been turned to шесту with the present skull. 4. Pass through a false door. 5. Take the Compass. 6. Pass through a confidential tunnel. 7. Accurately pass through build guillotines (they, it is similar алимнивые and незаточены, differently it should you hardly – a comment of the editor) – with the put on flying boots – and jump forward. 8. Kill a skeleton (and is better push off in a chasm). 9. Collect five silver coins. 10. Make active the switch on a floor and take a small key. 11. Pass through a moving bridge. 12. Левитируйте through a corridor with fans. The main secret consists in very quickly to run by them during that moment when they stop for short term (about six seconds), and to stand in a safe place in front of the following conditioner. 13. Take the next key. 14. Push a cube, get on a ladder and send to travel by the huge ship. 15. By means of the Harpoon be hooked for the top platform and thus get upward without need to creep on a huge prickly wall. 16. Shoot at Flowers-bombs under a statue on other I protect the rivers and when it will fall, get over to an input in a den of the boss. The boss: бонго-бонго One of the most lovely bosses in game, not indifferent to incendiary rhythms of drum-type music. For the beginning you will see only its huge hands, however the Lens of the Truth will help to reveal as well a site of its head. Since this moment all becomes too simple. Try to not fall it into hands and systematicalally beat it on hands from the Onions or the Harpoon. After that vulnerable there is also a head-invisible being. Then run up and complete business by a sword. However darlings were this boss, all is equal its end is identical to the ending of battles with other enemies. Take away next сердечко and send upward. Action the tenth. Secrets of the Thieves’ Valley. For filling your collection of medallions one last jerk is required. However it can seem costing two high-grade vaults, so серьёзны adventures in the Temple of Spirits. For the beginning only to get to this temple – and that a greater problem. But about all under the order. Send on the West of a card and drive to gorge between rocks. Jump through the broken aperture of the bridge on a horse or take advantage of the Harpoon. Talk to the foreman of repairmen on other I protect and receive from it the important task – to release from a captivity of mad women of the workers. Pass in depth of a valley and you will appear in Fortress Герудо, camp of aggressive amazons. To come across to them on eyes I to you sincerely I do not advise, as the output from such situation will be only one – you will regain consciousness in the single chamber from which, the truth, it is easy enough to get out. It is possible to deafen guards shots from any kinds of the weapon from the Harpoon up to arrows. So especial problems they to deliver to you should not. To find four workers – business uneasy. Enter into the first pass at the left and you will appear at the chamber of the first of the poor fellow. Talk to it, battle to the guard and you receive a key to open the chamber. Go further, leave on street and come into pass to the north. Having passed through a corridor protected by policemen, you will find the second worker. Having left a premise, you will appear on a plateau from which it is possible to reach about two other workers. The first is behind the most distant door of the Fortress, and you will find the second, having jumped off from a plateau in that direction, whence you have come to a fortress. By the way, on a roof of a building you can find a slice сердечка. After you release all four workers, you the head of this mighty organization, at last, will catch and will supply useful бумаженцией which will allow you to not be hidden more from security guards. Moreover, now you can open a gate and go to desert directly to the Temple of Spirits. In desert there is only one rule of a survival – to do only that is required. First go from one tag to another, anywhere not turning off and all time estimating distances (happens, that the site of tags серьёзно “wags”). When you will reach a well, you can rise on its roof and include the Lens of the Truth. Immediately on horizon there will be a friendly ghost which will show you further road. It is necessary to follow absolutely precisely only to its movements, ignoring that you go zigzags, pass twice and three times same place and so on. It is not necessary even to distract on killing uncountable monsters. When you, at last, will reach the Temple of Spirits, you are expected with one more meeting with Шейкхом. Песенка, received from it, it is unusually useful. Using the Requiem of Spirits, you can be transferred at any moment to an input to a temple, not travelling anew on terrible desert. Here now you are ready. A temple of spirits – a place strange and to pass it too it is required rather original method, in two different time epoch. The first part – in the childhood. So быстренько recollect, how it is good to be small and to squeeze without efforts even in the tiniest hole. By the way, near to a temple there is one more Fountain of the Great Fairy which would not prevent to visit. Before going to the Temple of spirits, fill the banks fairies as fights here are coming serious. Temple of Spirits Come into a temple, talk with thieves’ атаманшей and receive from it the order for the Silver Gloves, allowing to lift and move huge weights, and come inside. 1. Kill a stone idol and bats in a room. 2. Make active the crystal switch by means of a boomerang. Probably, for this purpose some practice is required. By the way, to win скелетину, being the small child – too business complex. Besides most safely it simply to push off in a precipice. 3. Collect five silver coins, being afraid of monsters from a ceiling. 4. Move a cube with the image of the sun to light beating from a window. 5. Take a card of a vault. 6. Make active the door switch. 7. Move a stone with the sun to light, зажгите by turns all torches in a room and destroy глазовидных monsters. 8. Kill iron голема. To tell easier, than to make. Try to leave from its attacks and to substitute to its rapier of a column, of everyone will drop out on three сердечка of which it will be possible to take advantage. Try to use all over again all bombs and Бомбчу which are available for you, throwing them in голема. 9. Take from a chest Silver Gloves and observe a terrible stage after which it is found out, that атаманше they already any more will not be necessary. Lovely old women, you will tell nothing! Now come back in an adult condition, dress gloves and… Pass the second part of a vault. 10. Move the huge black block against the stop. 11. Make active the crystal switch. 12. Take a compass. 13. Move a mirror so that reflected light has opened to you a door. Cautiously, present image only one, behind the others monsters and other troubles are hidden. 14. Kill a fiery feeler. Strangely enough, it is afraid of fire. 15. Hammer in the button into a floor by means of improvised statues. 16. Kill one more iron голема (now it easier). 17. Take a mirror board (it possesses ability to reflect magic and light). 18. Get upwards on a wall with thorns or be hooked by the Harpoon for the top platform. 19. Take a key from a room of the Boss. 20. Make active the switch by means of magic and then adjust mirrors in rooms so that light fell on a mirror in the big room. Now jump downwards, on the lift, and reflected light illuminate a huge statue. When you прожжете it up to a lattice, use the Harpoon to get inside. The boss: Sisters Tvinrova The most cheerful representatives of family of the bosses, ever was to people. Two grumbling старушенции, one fiery, the second – ice. That them to win, to you will have fairly попотеть (and помёрзнуть – a comment of the editor), however all will block the received pleasure. Sense in that by means of the magic board to reflect attack of the fiery old woman straight in ice and, accordingly, on the contrary. Probably, easy to execute such tricks, it is necessary to be trained a little, but actually the problem easily is solved. The present difficulties will begin when колдуньи will merge in a uniform organism and will start to water you with spells packs on three pieces. These spells to you will need to be caught on the board and as soon as it will be charged to three спеллами one kind, you can make powerful attack. The main thing, only to not pass spells (as so it is possible to get off very easily from the account and to start to accept not that it is necessary). Certainly, if to catch on a board two different spells successively with health at you it will be rather bad (it it will be taken away at once ten hearts) so it is better to not experiment. After a unusual stage of farewell to charming old women send to the Temple of Time for final preparations. The chapter the Twelfth, and last. To break Ганондорфа. So, six medallions are found, six keepers of Temples are wakened. Joint efforts they create the magic iridescent bridge which will allow you to make the way in den Ганондорфа. And still for you waits большооо-оой a surprise. Certainly, presented Шейкхом, which actually not which, and which… As a result you receive sacred arrows of Light and once again will meet evil spells Ганондорфа. Before entering on enemy territory, be convinced that your banks are filled by fairies before refusal. It is desirable to have still and Big Sword Горонов as right at the end of game it very much is useful to you. And in general this sword is much better than the Sword of Heroes so occasions that it to find, there is a set. Also rather I advise you to catch in the order fiery arrows. For this purpose you will need to find on island on Lake Hilia the small granite tablet, to wait a dawn and to shoot directly at a rising sun, costing on this tablet. Lock Ganona The lock is divided into six segments (everyone for one of the last temples), and in everyone is available on some rooms flooded by puzzles. Having solved them, you can get in a certain reactor, having blown up which, you get access to tower Ганондорфа. Complexity only what to blow up all is necessary six these reactors. To begin it is possible whence it is necessary. Room of Spirits – Collect five coins (to receive last it is possible, having clung the Harpoon to a label on a ceiling), use magic attack of a sword to the first switch and Бомбчу – on the second, зажгите light by means of Arrows of Fire and blow up a reactor by means of Arrows of Light. Конната Woods – Shoot at the switch above a door. Use the flying boots and play the Song of Times near to a stone. Room of Water – Kindle an ice a blue flame, Use the block of an ice, distant from a hole, and get into a room. Room of Shadows – Зажгите torches on both parties of a room, use the Lens of the Truth to find correct road to an output, take Gold Gloves (they will help to move even the heaviest boulders). Room of Fire – Reject a huge stone to find last coin and use the Harpoon to reach a door. Room of Light – the Input in this room is closed by a huge Black Stone, be cautious with chests – the majority of them conceals in itself traps. After you will remove a barrier, you can pass, at last, in a point of final purpose. But it is not necessary to hurry up. Behind lock Ganondorfa there is a huge boulder which hides the Fountain of the Great Fairy and which should be visited before final fight. Its charms twice will strengthen your protective characteristics. Having caught protection, you can be quit with a harm, at last. Safely come inside and rise upward, in passing killing monsters already known to you (some of them are present at the strengthened variant), passing a room behind a room. In the ending you will meet already with two iron големами (with which, the truth, it is not obligatory to fight simultaneously, the second can be not disturbed while you settle accounts with the first) (but with two is much more cheerful – a comment of the editor). From last hall walk upstairs in a throne room, and after long conversation you will meet King of Darkness. The boss: Ганондорф To you will have as it is necessary to recollect lessons of fight with the Phantom. Here you again are offered to borrow in tennis, but already with higher rates. Try to not fall down downwards, necessarily put on the flying boots, be hammered into a distant corner as follows be arranged, prepare for a sword and beat off all enemy magic attacks. As soon as Ганондорф it will be amazed by a charge, immediately shoot at it from an onions Arrows of Light and then quickly jump on a platform with a sword on call. To repeat this action time five-six, probably will have, it is a little bit more. Similar tactics works exclusively well, and at a pleasant outcome you here will not lose uniform сердечка. After destruction of the boss game at all does not come to an end. From you it is required still and to run for three minutes on numerous ladders all way back from a lock collapsing on eyes. Time of it, however, more than has enough, so especial problems to arise should not (Besides, on a native prefix and on powerful computers with good эмулями. In emulators of type UtraHLE there is a glitch which cannot be bypassed without читов – a comment of the editor-maniac). But also it still not all. As soon as you will feel in full safety and solve, that game is passed, Зельда will prepare for you for last surprise. The superboss!!! The final boss: Ganon My God, in what this almost nice person has turned is no time! Now it 😉 is rather terrible and enraged as never. It beats out at you from hands the Sword of Heroes (by the way, even in the event that at present you in hands have Big Sword Горонов and surrounds you impenetrable огневой with a veil. If you do not have Big Sword Горонов it is possible to take in hands Молот. The sense of battle in constantly to spin at the opponent in legs, thus shirking its impacts and in parallel trying to come behind to amaze its tail. It is better to not be aimed at this tail (work of the chamber in the given portion of game leaves much to be desired), and to rely exclusively on own бойцовские qualities. After you amaze Ганона some times successively, the protective field will be removed, and you can take the Sword of Heroes. Since this moment it is necessary to fight it. Still more some successful attacks and as soon as Ганон it will be disconnected for an instant, Зельда will complete business, having called to the aid forces of six keepers of the world. You will need to strike last blow only… Here, as a matter of fact, and all. It is a pity only, that the Link after so significant events send back in the childhood. Until it absolutely free aid is not required again. In fact Ганон only is in the next imprisonment, and Symbol Триединства all still is with it. Means, this adventure was not the last. Rather for it I hope. Here and a fairy tale the end.