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The Computer virus

For uninitiated – the small explanation. The Computer virus – the program breaking operation of a computer. The name has received for similarity to a usual virus (invisibility “with open years”, ability to be transferred with the infected programs on not infected комьпютер and it is imperceptible for the person working on it to infect the computer). A virus – complex enough program which the professional programmer can write only. Hа today very big number of computer viruses is already known, against the majority there are “vaccines” – the programs neutralized and deleting a virus. The problem that “vaccine” can be created, only having selected and having studied culture of a virus, on what, certainly, leaves time. Besides with an enviable regularity there are new viruses. Viruses have received a wide circulation with the beginning of an era of a general computerization at which computers of one type – IBM PC are used basically that assumes possibility of an exchange of programs between programmers. (a situation here the same, as with a virus of AIDS – the more number of partners with which you exchange programs, the above probability of infection. Exists and ” group of risk ” – the programmers collecting computer games and, strangely enough, программы-of “vaccine”.) Viruses supply and will supply many troubles to programmers and users of computers. They are not dangerous to the person. So was considered till August of this year when in Voronezh it has been registered and, that is more important, the death from a computer virus is identified. The programmer who managed to link destruction of the person to misoperation of a computer speaks Century: – I not the doctor and badly represent, as this infection acts on the person. Hо I well understand danger is can turn to original epidemic. Computers already cost almost in each office, and people, not осбо tempted in system programming work on them, and without special knowledge a virus to neutralize it is impossible. I often collide with a situation when the system simply does not work because of ten the viruses sitting almost in each program, and to the girl whom something does behind the computer, and in a head does not come to start simply the anti-virus program because it at all does not know, that those exist. And if knows, as a rule, an antivirus for it semi-annual prescription and it simply does not know how to deletefresh viruses which appear nearly every week. With it it is necessary to something to do, because even if “vaccine” against a virus-murderer will be created, it still long can be not used by its potential victims. – Tell, how there was a business when you for the first time have collided with a virus? How it can be recognized? – It has occured in the morning on August, 13th, 1994 on my workstation. To tell the truth, me till now somehow not on myself when I sit down the computer. My friend has come into that morning to me, With. Hакануне at night I have just received new game on a computer network. Minutes through twenty has told, that it is hurted strongly with a head. Hу and through pair minutes it has lost сонание. I, to tell the truth, was not so disturbed, because Sergey generally is a lot of saws, and to it such and earlier happened. With us there was an employee of a department экстрасенсорики., the diplomaed healer, it also has borrowed With. I, while here work, everyone навидался (Century works in computing laboratory of the Voronezh Centre of an astrology, bio-energetics and nonconventional medicine), therefore I have simply sat down on a place With. Hа the screen still there was a picture from game, I, remember, it have quitted in the operating system, and here me have knocked. Very strange sensation, whether know… Hа the screen – usual window Hортон of the Commander, and feeling such as if you tightens in the screen. At once there was a weight in a head, noise in ears. And to come off it is impossible, as though hypnosis – a hand to not stir. I all the same managed “to be unhooked”, thank God, that I badly give in to suggestion. Has reached the switch and has disabled power supply. I sit, I understand nothing, and here. speaks, that has died, and its my computer has killed… ., the psychic: – With. was in a coma. I from the first взгяда have understood, that it not an alcoholic poisoning. Pulse was not, breath faded. Usual – искусственое breath, indirect massage of heart – any result have not given a resource; I have tried to support in its energy, but also it did not help. I even “have quitted” an own body and tried to return an astral body already in “tunnel”, yet have not felt, that I can to not return itself also. To consciousness With. someone has given such powerful installation on death, that I could not neutralize it. And the physical body already became nonfunctional – a haemorrhage in a brain, it, whether know, not the easiest breakage… Hо I have managed to understand, that the death has been somehow linked to a computer. CENTURY Д.: – Hу, it is clear further – called “fast” to which had already nobody to rescue… I badly remember events, all the same not every day here so friends for you on eyes die, and still – I in fact too have received a portion of this rubbish… – You have not informed on the suspicions? – Certainly, no though it there were not suspicions, and almost confidence. Yes to us too “fast” would call at once, tell we to whom. And I had a thought of this devil for a tail to catch, same is simply insulting even – my computer from which I not have together lead one day, and suddenly such… Hу, it to you to not understand, if you not the programmer. – Hет, why… Also what was further? – Further I have bought a bottle of vodka, and we with. It have drunk. Has helped. By the way, alcohol reduces a susceptibility to operation of a virus – now I know, that it was a computer virus… One my familiar programmer worked on the infected computer during approximately получаса, being thus… It is strongly drunk, we shall tell so, and any consequences. – Explain please how the computer program can call in the person, налюдавшего behind its operation, a haemorrhage? Same a plot from a bad fantasy… . З.: – In 60th years in America on embedding of advertising experiments were spent to films by unusual way. As is known, for reaching effect of the combined map, frames of a film should be replaced with frequency of not less than 20 frames in a second. If I am not mistaken, at cinema frequency 24 frames/ßѬ is accepted. The essence of experiment consist that any motionless map was pasted in a tape through everyone 24 frames. The person did not understand, that it sees this map, but the information nevertheless got in subconsciousness, was handled there and influenced operations of consciousness. There was, that ” an effect of 25-th frame ” – very powerful resource of suggestion, so powerful, that these experiments have been prohibited by any serious office, apparently, FBI. This virus which has received in programmer circles the ominous name “666” (it is remarkable, that the length of a virus is just equal 666 bytes), uses this effect. Hа the screen of a computer as, however, and on the television screen, frames are replaced with the same frequency. Hо it yet all. The twenty fifth frame “666” produces on the screen special color комбинцию, immersing the person in some kind of a hypnotic trance. Existence of such combinations of color spots – the fact, well-known in psychiatry. In 25-30 seconds the picture varies, and subconscious perception of a new color pattern leads to change of intimate activity – a rhythm and force of abbreviations. Arterial pressure in a small circle of blood circulation sharply increases, then as sharply falls, and so repeats some times. Hаконец do not maintain vessels of a brain. – And what, if the person will accidentally see this devil combination of colors not on the screen, and in world around? – Hичего terrible, the motionless map is not dangerous, as in the nature hardly it is possible to meet such colors in such combination. Hе it is necessary to forget, that effect goes on subconsciousness and in a state of a trance. The probability of simple coincidence исчезающе is small. And in general this problem, in my opinion, is worthy scientists-psychiatrists. I, to tell the truth, cannot imagine, how this combination has been found, what devil reason has prompted its person who has written this virus… If only it is the person… – What do you mean? – I shall not approve anything yet. My thought will seem wild as it is unproved, but I am afraid, as though nonsense of visionaries about the allmighty artificial intelligence which has arisen in a complex web of computer networks, entangled all world and very reminding neural networks in a human brain, have not appeared are close to true. – You have undertaken any operations to warn the people linked to computers, about danger? CENTURY Д.: – Yes. After long tests, tracings and tests I have placed the report in computer networks to which I have access. At present the best doctors – so we name the programmers specializing on anti-virus programs – create the programs neutralizing “666.” Hадо to tell, that from the point of view of art of programming this virus – almost top of perfection. In fact in 666 байтах it is realized not only the system of defeat, but also the mechanism of reproduction – a virus promptly extends, amazing files at call of operating system to the sectors containing directories – and a protection system. The virus practically невидвим in the infected files as it does not add itself(himself) to them as it do the majority of viruses, and is written to the last cluster of a disk. In files number of the first cluster varies only, number will specify a cluster containing a body of a virus. It резидентен, amazes all types исполнимых files. During testing I have found out the interesting fact: the old computer game “POPCORN” does not catch a virus. It simply spoils, ceases to work. Moreover, it has appeared, that this game can be to a certain extent ” an improvised resource ” in struggle with “666” – at activation of the program a body of the virus written in the last cluster of a disk, is updated and becomes disabled. Hа complete tracing “POPCORN’а” I did not have time, but it is obvious, that the game created long before “666”, was as if is specially protected from it. One more strangeness in this almost fantastic history… – You располагате any statistics of activity of a virus? – Hеофициальной. Hикто did not link unexpected death to a virus. My colleagues. Working in computer networks, data have helped to gather to me, but, I am afraid, this statistics is very incomplete, as the majority of potential victims – those girls-operators about whom I spoke in the beginning, and their computers stuffed by toys and viruses, are not included in networks. The first case of sudden death which can be written to score ” 666 “, has occured in Moscow on March, 6th, 1994. After that there were 46 more cases in the different cities of SHG. – Whether ” competent bodies ” dealt with this problem any? – Whence to me the nobility? If are engaged, most likely, saving secret. Hо there is one circumstance which should be considered – there is a danger of penetration of a virus in different sorts computer pictures and advertising rollers on a television as nothing prevents to infect to it an EXE-file made in same 3D-STUDIO – a package rather popular on ours TV. It is terrible to me to think of consequences of scrolling of this roller infected by a virus-murderer, under the first program… – Also what to do? – Hичего I can not advise, except for immediate turn off from a network of a computer or the TV at a unexpected and strong headache or other tags of effect on you of a virus. From edition: As we know from competent sources, recently in Voronezh the conference of system operators (т took place. н. “сисопка”) on which it was accepted to access solution in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation withthe requirement to accept the extreme measures to manufacturers of viruses, having equated their writing to illegal manufacture of the weapon.-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-


Some humor. Is it funny? )

Already for a long time it is noticed, that sitting before computers share on users and programmers. Programmers posess opening, that individuals of the first group are woodpeckers though they persistently deny it.
There is a suspicion, that недятлы belong to туканов set, very colourful and original birds allocated by not ordinary behaviour and a beak of the improbable value. Unfortunately modest possibilities ASCII of the text do not allow to show all magnificence туканов. If you sincerely aspire to learn what they colors look a file bird.tif, delivered with PhotoStyler. It is possible to wipe also a dust on the filter of the screen monitor.

Sets of woodpeckers and туканов are included into one group. Proofs of similar hypotheses traditionally are under construction on similarity of a structure and behaviour of the groups suspected of relationship. The given operation is devoted the messages appearing on the screen before woodpeckers. It is natural, that they are written by representatives of opposite group.

The accessory of users to woodpeckers is accepted without proofs with purpose to reduce the size of the given file.

@SMALL TITLE = Jasir Arafat against Bern Страструпа

Very primitive thinking of users does not possess sufficient breadth of outlook and sense of humour to understand, why in one program two sort identical windows are closed by various methods: one only after click by a mousy above the button TO CLOSE the WINDOW, and another after pressing Alt+F3, Esc, a blank, Enter, click above the button TO CLOSE the WINDOW or ОК. The monotony in behaviour of identical objects considerably reduces aggression of the user at personal meeting and simplifies the initial code.

Inheriting of properties of the objects, providing similar monotony, is one of basic properties of OOP. If you start to neglect it OOP turns to the Palestine Liberation Organization which favourite method is the terrorism. Can be therefore in Palestin there are no even woodpeckers.

@SMALL TITLE = the Virus, incurable AIDSTEST

As the user belongs to the set of woodpeckers messages which appear before its eyes should be simple and clear as unsightly fraction of a woodpecker about a telegraphic column.

The message should warn clearly the user of the added situation and to induce it to useful not destructive operations. It is possible to consider as special sort of a virus following dialogue:

@BULLET = Cleaning of base:

@BULLET = press F1

@BULLET = press F2

@BULLET = press F3

@BULLET = the Base is cleared!

How many the naive young girls working operators of the COMPUTER, have got in this artful trap. Owing to natural love to cleanness, they in one of rare free hours of working hours have decided ” to clear base “, believing that it begins to borrow less places on a disk, faster to work and more precisely to fulfil calculations. It is necessary to consider as especially artful shift of the experienced sadist simple incentive messages ” press… “.
They it is thin расчитаны on natural curiosity of young soul, pleasure of tiny success by pressing each subsequent button and absence of the life experience proof negatively generating the burdensomest suspicions in the slightest occasion. If young creation saw the distinct message, that in system from 15 tables are deleted about 20000-40000 records about 10000-20000 persons for a year of operation (20-40 Mb) the touch to змее would seem to it more pleasantly than sequential pressing F1, F2 and F3. In opinion of the author of dialogue pressing of three buttons allowed to avoid randomness successively, though nobody tried to prompt the user how to interrupt procedure if it has felt wrong. The sharpest switched off a computer from the socket and they cannot be accused – they have made everything, that knew and could. Anybody did not help them.

At writing the command menu it is quite good most to read through the complete name of the command, состящее from the name of commands on a chain of call. Having eliminated in the drop-down menu ” Окружение|Настройка окружения|Сохранить an environment ” you will make repetitions a lot of useful.

The main distinctive tag between woodpeckers and туканами considers universal acquaintance last with the operations made after pressing the keys Alt+X. I shall notice, that known even to woodpeckers button F1 not always calls explanatory texts. Therefore Alt+X it is necessary to include level with other commands in the menu.

As the global menu always is visible in the upper string of the screen assignment of local menus is not quite clear. The holes darned by local menus usually look to squeeze very carelessly as the fashion is observed local commands all over again in a bottom line and if they do not find room in a pop-up window. The analysis of intricate command menus shows, that all local menus from crafty as they can be issued in the form of the second or third level in the drop-down menu.
About that the user very much loves commands on a bottom line of states it is necessary to consider talks slanderous. On the contrary, the user likes to take all commands on the menu and it is well appreciable on most распространеным to products. If do not agree, check up menu QuattroPro, Paradox, MultiEdit and compilers. At pop-up windows there are only object boxes, and a status bar never загромождена the extraneous information.

Protecting listing of some commands on a bottom line, programmers put forward argument about fixing a conditioned reflex for the user between the name of the command and a corresponding shortcut key. Actually there is a return situation: if the user does not know the command it calls it from the menu and modestly presses Enter. After some training the part of users notices duplicating shortcut key more to the right of the name of the command and starts it to apply. Having placed the separate command forever in a bottom line of the screen, the programmer restrains vanity of the sophisticated user a reminder on the first hours of acquaintance to product in a format .exe.

Самцы the African birds-rhinoceroses immure самку, насиживающую eggs, in a hollow, and then carry to it food. The similar form of behaviour can be noticed at attempts to enable the user понажимать on hot keys. As creators TurboVision till now are not familiar with slavic problems it is possible to offer only combinations Alt+русская_буква_на_том_же_регистре, _что_и_в_меню.

Guessing own natural limitation, the user all over again long and painfully tries to understand, in what sequence press Shift, Alt, a hot key and a key of switching of the alphabet. The immured next problem the user decides to call the programmer who tells to it, that hot keys they are called to accelerate call of the command, but on some difficulties at all do not work in the given version or work for a part of commands, and selection by color has been supported only because the programmer by nature the aesthete. Thus the user becomes completely dependent on data on user interface which the programmer can inform it only. The programmer carefully hides only one major property of the present interface – possibility of intuitive mastering by the user.

@SMALL TITLE = do not treat doctors

несмотря that дятловых set by definition posesses woodpeckers, the part of sorts is высокоспециализированными animals. It is necessary to be respectful to their professional qualities. Therefore the message ” the Payment document is delayed (period of more than 10 days) ” looks the importunate remark.
Users for whom the program with such message is written, most likely to you have told about it. Therefore or you write ” the Payment document it is delayed ” and everyone understand about what speech, or calculate its period, and the diagnosis start up the doctor puts.

@SMALL TITLE = I write to you, that боле???!!!…

Do not allow feelings to overflow itself and to write messages with three shricks in the end. If the user will not react on modest, but the appreciable message ” Is formatted the hard disk ” at centre of the screen shricks will rescue nothing.

It is not necessary to write a part of words from the big character or to apply a discharge between characters. If you wish to draw attention to the appeared message it is better to use selection by color or brightness (only not all at once). If the message for the user appears during the moment when it is intensively borrowed нажиманием buttons will not prevent the modest sound warning.

The most shocking messages for the user are in NDD. Look with what modesty they are written. Any shricks, and what effect.

@SMALL TITLE = the Citizen, it you to me?

The school course of biology monotonously spends thought, that in the nature all up to primitive is rational. However there are improbable examples of the opposite approach known for people as art for the sake of art. For example, самцы paradise birds possess magnificent plumage and sing more fantastically than Michel Zhare. In general it should involve самок in slot and spoil mood to contenders, reducing their activity and fruitfulness. Instead of it, the part самцов so takes a great interest in demonstrating of the plumage above unsightly, similar to a замарашку-starling самкой, that forget to execute the duties before the partner, namely to give the distinct message in simple local language.

Separate English words in the command menu and messages in Russian, suggest, that lasting many hours sitting in front of the terminal harmfully not only for sight, but also for mental health, calling a progressing amnesia. Eventually, among users there can be very clever person who in the childhood was studied with Spanish or French.

Remember, that words of one language not always will unambiguously correspond to words of another. Some simple and natural English words are very difficult for translating on Russian. In a charter of translators it is written, that the translator should inform sense told or written. For this reason translation tile as “tile” mismatches a context.

@SMALL TITLE = Never finish in the end of header.

Never write how in header of this paragraph. Do not finish and in short messages, take an example with Norton Commander. A point divide some messages appearing in one window or string if each of them makes the separate sentence.

@SMALL TITLE = Signs of an obstacle

.:;!? Are written without an in the lead blank that they made a single whole with the previous word. Look closely in any of books and you will see, that before these characters never happens blanks.
Otherwise punctuation marks can get in the beginning of string at formatting, and it already absolutely a disgrace. For the same reason opening bracket is written together with the subsequent word. After.:;!? It is necessary to make a blank. Inverted commas in spite of the fact that are represented by the same sign, are written similarly to opening and closing brackets.

Is better to avoid hyphenations in messages. If it is impossible for any reason the hyphen is not separated by a blank from the previous part of a word. Whenever possible it is necessary to save of all abbreviations worsening perception of the text.

@SMALL TITLE = Bugs, as food for woodpeckers

Misprints and errors in messages and in command menus, decline the user to раздумиям about qualification of the programmer and advantage, приносимой its product.
With the concealed gloating the user marks the next error and soon agrees with the theory of an origin of the person from the monkey. Still through некотрое the user starts to assume time of dialogue with the program in which there are grammar errors, that evolution can occur for one generation. If you freshen in memory some rules of Russian (for example, about spelling-нн and-н,-ть and-т, not with verbs and verbal adverbs, the use of a comma) the user will not reel in belief what exactly you have occured from Adam and Eve’s grandparents.

As in churches for lighting an altar use bulbs накаливания or a luminescent luminescence there is nothing shameful that the source text of your program will be skipped through a proof reader, for example, LOGO. As LOGO works only with characters of the Russian alphabet any of the reserved spells on With ++, TurboPascal or VisualBasic will not be profaned by suspicion on an accessory to a natural language.

Starting the newcomer, just умыкнутый with BBS the proofer, you will find out, that it too a woodpecker, only program as it does not know as are written the spooler, and there can be even a buffer. These words without doubling characters as the spooler and is in English written with doubling at all there where you expected (spooler), and buffer, office are written, coffee are in Russian written, alas, with one ф. The words unfamiliar neither you, nor to the proofer, it is better to bring in the temporary dictionary, and after check under ” the Spelling dictionary of Russian ” to transfer to the main. With care concern to proofers, which dictionaries обогащены durable using. Among their owners there could be greater motley woodpeckers, small motley woodpeckers and birds-rhinoceroses.

Working with ” the Spelling dictionary of Russian ” you will go through many disappointments. Words as which you considered absolutely correct, not always appear those actually.

Translating a philological monologue in a practical channel, I offer a bottle of cognac, to the one who will prove by means of the dictionary the right to a life in Russian of such words as “minimisation” and “maximization”.

Sincerely, <R> your technical writer.