Solution for Fallout

The future – soon after the termination of the Third World war. The survived mankind  lives on the grounds infected by radiation. Good have based small colonies, and bad have gathered in gangs and began to attack on good. H” were also artful – those who was covered in so-called Refuges – the underground bunkers built very long time ago, before the future accident. In Fallout are presented by the inhabitant of one of such bunkers – something of type командос postapocalyptic to time.

The subsequent text is the detailed description of actions of your hero (or heroines) in those or other situations. The principle is those: you find the location necessary to you (for example, Dark Sand or Necropolis) and find out there the list of actions or quests which in the given place can be made.
So, it is a lot of years stayed in the corked condition врата the bunker have revealed, inviting you to enter the gloomy world of the crumpled and burnt Earth. World Fallout.

Vault 13

Search of the Cleaning Chip
Your ideological leader and the commander, the Seer, sends you in the External world to find the computer chip for the water-purifying system of the Refuge which have become unfit for use owing to утери of the old chip. Having stated some wishes to address of admitted similar bunglers, for the beginning we shall go in Shady Sands and in one of houses, in east part of city, we shall take a cord (it also can be exchanged at the chief guards – Сета). Now our way lays in Vault 15.
Hб the first level, in passing killing the met mammals, come inside, fix a cord in mine of the lift and go down on the second level. There take in a locker one more cord and with its help walk on the third floor. Here you will find the automatic device – good addition to your arsenal. Alas, but the Command Center where there should be a chip, погребен under stones. As here there is nothing more, leave in the Hub where it is possible разузнать a site of the chip, having bought at a saleswoman of books a disk (Vault 12 is in Necropolis). It is possible, certainly, also Dealers water порасспрашивать. By the way, with their help you can send a caravan with water in the refuge, for prolongation of term of search (but it is better to not send as it will open to mutants a site of your Refuge and will leave to you less time for passage of game).
Roads conduct all in Hекрополис. Having appeared in city of mutants, go down in the water drain and go to northern part of a vault where there live peace inhabitants Necropolis. They will ask you to repair the water pump and after that will not oppose to that you have taken away the chip. If will refuse to repair it they will attack you. The details laying in a vault under area of Water-extraction will be necessary for correction of the pump, being in the north of city for you. Having received details, steal up to the pump. However, there there is a security guard – туповатый Harry’s supermutant and its wards. Will outwit them easier, than to take away a sweet from the baby, – tell, that you зомби or the robot (well, not to me you to learn to deceive!).
When repair the pump, pass to lattices in a southern corner of a building, crack a door and release зомби. It will tell to you, that behind the next door there is a hatch.
Go down downwards and, having destroyed security guards, you come inside Vault 12. Hб the third floor and will find out the long-awaited chip.
You can receive two following quests, having come in the Refuge before returning the chip.

Search of the Thief of Water
Talk to the security guard of water on I 3-eat a level, then wait up to полуночи.
The security guard somewhere will disappear to return only to seven o’clock in the morning. Again chat with it – it will tell, that at night someone has struck its pipe on башке.
Now hide somewhere, and at midnight the lift will be left by the malefactor.
After the thief will open ящичек with water, can take its lukewarm for this purpose tenderly talk to it and force to turn out pockets.

Mutiny in the Refuge
During stay in the Refuge you will see, that some people on the second floor are dissatisfied with something. Have a talk with somebody from them, tell, that the External world is much better, than about it tell. Then you will invite to assembly of rebels which chapter is Christina. Wait till 18:00, come to it into a room and talk about risen. You have two variants of actions: to stop rebels, having killed Christina or to dissuade it in покидании Refuges (if at you high level Speech).
The remained quests of the Refuge are obligatory. The ending of game completely depends on them – after performance all your adventures will end. More reasonably also it would be interesting to visit all places of the Heathland, and then to be accepted and to the primary goal. If someone is to be won no – search for passage of obligatory quests to the end of a solution. For now – forward on searches of adventures!

Shady Sands

Having come here, you learn, that the city is attacked by Scorpions-mutants. As the brave and brave superhero, you are simply obliged to calm awful creatures.

Exile of Scorpions
You will find the person in one of houses by name Ян. Having talked to it, state a regret in occasion of it раненой hands (it will win its sympathies), then will invite it to accompany with you and will pay to it 100 proside (if at you high level Speech can persuade it to join you free of charge). Go to Сету and ask it to allocate you in caves where you are waited already by darlings hungry Скорпиончики. They will be glad to a meeting with you.
Ян fine will help you with fight. The main thing, do not admit monsters too close. From several of them take away tails that subsequently Разло, the city doctor, could create antidote from their fatal stings. Give this whey to the dying person in a distant room of the house of the doctor.
For increase of experience can train the farmer in east part of city in more perfect methods of an agriculture.

Rescue Танди
Having glanced in city a little bit later – learn, that the daughter of the elder, Танди, it has been stolen рейдерами. You, certainly, will ask to find бедняжку. Go in the nearest Camp of Robbers – Khans. Talk to the leader of gangsters.
There are some variants of clearing of the little girl: can try to exchange it for something; fearlessly to battle to the Leader and in case of a victory to receive the captive; easier to intimidate it, skilfully having a conversation. If after clearing you decide to not send in Shady Sands Танди remains with you. H” as soon as you will cross border of its native village, it will leave from you, and besides for ever.

Good ending: Apparently, having relieved small town from all вышеупомянутых misfortunes, you guarantee to its inhabitants quiet and safe existence.

Camp Rejderov
Having come in camp before abduction Tandy, you can join to Rayders, having killed two captives as examination. It does not promise greater benefits, unless will raise experience yes diminish the reputation. If you appear there after returning the girl, you should battle to all gang. It is not too complex, but trophies will be multitudes. Especially if you want, that in final prompt рейдеры did not stir another, you are simply obliged to destroy them now.
Having appeared in Camp in a leather waistcoat, you can descend for a phantom of the Hand of Death – the local hero, as if descended with screens from film ” Mad Макс “. You will have many new variants of conducting conversation.

Good ending: Having destroyed Рейдеров as effective power division, you provide less cloudy future for inhabitants of Dark Sand.


Having come here, ask security guards on local sights. Then it is a high time to direct in магазинчик Киллиана where you can sell all unnecessary things, and at the same time and to chat with the owner. After conversation there will be a fellow hammered on a kind whom, having transferred Киллиану greetings from certain Гизмо, without thinking twice, will get hunting ружьишко and will shoot at the owner. You, as the fair person and the conscious citizen, are simply obliged to punish this rude fellow, having increased these number of human victims on the to the account. If you will play a role of ” the bad boy ” and not begin to touch the madman and then also will refuse to investigate business, you will plant in Prison, whence it is necessary to escape.

After the Murderer it is necessary to lay on a floor, you learn, that it was the mercenary of that Гизмо – the main thing from bad дядечек, supervising city. The owner there and then will suggest you to help to it to exhaust Гизмо and its criminal syndicate. If you will agree, it will give you a dictophone and electronic жучок that you could be recognized Гизмо in participation in attempt of murder Киллиана. You without effort will find the boss in the Casino where can or разговорить Гизмо (i.e. to write down on a dictophone), or to apply to the rascal function Steal and smoothly to transfer жучок from the pocket to it. Then come back to Киллиану, receive compensation and if want, participate in “punishment” Гизмо. If in a shower you – романтик you have an opportunity, on the contrary, to finish Киллиана. H” consider, that your reputation will worsen, and all protection of city will declare on you hunting.

In JunkTown you can attach to the valorous command of two more essences – dog Dogmeat and ranger Tajho. As to a dog: peasant Fil near a casino will ask you to help to it to get rid of this essence. You can kill it, but is much better give it игуану and get the true friend. You will find the ranger in Bar Skumm Pitt; having talked to it, will raise skill Outdoorsman, and also persuade it to become the full member of your command.

Farewell, Skoolz
Having talked with Ларсом, the chief of protection, you learn, that the second problem in city is gang Скулзов. You can find them in hotel ” Broken House “.
If you the quite good orator talk with Шерри and convince it to leave gangster craft. After conversation it will think – it is necessary to wait couple of days, but then it will agree настучать on the “fighting” comrades.
Go to Larsa and speak, that you have a witness… Everything, “кина” at Skulz will not be.
There is also other way, more severe. Having come into Bar Skumm Pitt at night, you will see, how one of Skulz attacks the waitress. Hет to rescue it to you it is not necessary is the barman will make. After that go to пахану Скулзов, Winnie, and tell, that you wish to join a gang. It will declare, that for this purpose you should steal at the barman a urn with ashes of its wife. HТ well, go to the Bar, crack a door and take away a urn from a table. Hесите it Скулзам then promise soon to come, but instead of it go to Larsa and accuse Skulz of an attack on Skum Pitt. Further you can or participate in rout of criminals, or leave it handy Larsa.
You remember a name which was cried out by the waitress during beating? After conversation with it it will appear, that so call its friend – the boxer. We go to Larsa, costing near to the Bar. With good skill of conversation you extend from it all details and reconcile it to the girl-friend. And it, my dear, as in any way, 500exp.
In JunkTown there is one more interesting place – Hotel. Having spent the night in it, you will collide with the mad robber who has taken in hostages the girl. Easier, certainly, to distract Рейдера conversations, and then to offer it померяться forces. H” besides if at you high level Speech, you can simply dissuade it.
Last feature Junktown is the Doctor living near to an input in city. More truly, the underground surgical laboratory where the doctor stores human bodies there is located. Glance there and, having chatted with the dwarf, learn terrible secret of this unpretentious warehouse.
Good ending: Owing to your help Киллиану and disposal of Garbage City from Гизмо and Скулзов, life JunkTown comes back in norm. People are kind and fair and corrects them kind Киллиана (if, certainly, you have not killed it).
The Hub

Hub – not only the biggest, but also the most interesting place in all Heathland. Here you are expected with innumerable quantity of dangers and adventures.

The gone Caravans
Having appeared in city and having talked to people, you learn about the main trouble-disappearance of trading caravans. Go in the Center of the Hub, and on a bulletin board you прочтете, that companies Far Go Traders are necessary mercenaries. Hачальник Бутч the opinion in occasion of this business will express to you and will direct to Бет – to the mistress of weapon shop. That in turn will direct you to Old City, to a mutant to Harold and to drunkard Sloppi, living nearby. Harold will describe the prospective reason of loss – Claws of Death, and the alcoholic will allocate you in a den of one of such essences. Will kill it hardly, but it is quite possible (цельтесь in eyes). Hб to a floor of a cave the dying supermutant lays, it will give you a disk – a solution of secret. Carry a disk to the employer, Бутчу, and show it. Having explained to its assistant the reason of loss of caravans, receive the blood money and go to search for other adventures on the head.

City centre

Remember bloody laboratory of the doctor in JunkTown? And so, here you will find its client – the Bean, the dealer игуанами (хе-хе, are good игуаны!). You can intimidate it and put on the counter. H” it will reduce your reputation.

Clearing of the Farm
When you become more known in the Heathland, Ирвин, living in the house in the south of City centre, will ask you to help it – its farm have grasped рейдеры, and it cannot get home. Hб this task you will find a heap of useful things, and in addition to everything, Ирвин will thank you, having presented a pistol of 223 calibres. Basically this пистолетик will help you at an early stage of game so the basic award becomes experience and increase of reputation. If you accept such statement has put, undertake performance of the given mission, destroy all gangsters and well search the house.

In the Hub with impious affairs fills Деккер – the local Mafiosi owning a casino. It will offer you “работку” – murder of the farmer and its wife, and after performance of this task the following begins to kill Хайтауэра and to its spouse.
Money rather quite good and if you would like to earn this method – a flag to you in hands and all due on such case towards. If you wish to wrap up it against most Деккера and to help authorities, refuse this dirty businessman (Деккер will not take offence) and tell about all to the Sheriff. For greater pleasure can participate in disassembly.

In bank you can take the credit, talk to the owner and learn some new hearings. The owner of an institution is in intimate friendship with the leader of a gang – Деккером. And if after destruction of a gang in a casino you will come into Bank, you should battle to its owner. The police of city ignores this fight so быстренько hammer слабачка and its protection, and can try to crack сейфовую a door. It is easily cracked without any help but if at you it will not turn out, apply master keys. Behind a door you will find out some thousand proside and a few useful things.

If you want to conduct a nomadic life can become the security guard of one of the trading companies. In total them three: Dealers on Far Routes (Far Go Traders), Caravans Кримсона and Dealers Water. During campaigns you we shall get a lot of experience, but will lose a lot of time, and it, as they say, – money, therefore I would not advise too much to travel.

Old City

You will find in old city some interesting places – Магазинчик the Heavy Weapon, guild of thieves, the underground dealer, Harold’s mutant and other similar.

Dealer Hаркотиками
In the Central part of the Hub, near to a casino ” the Maltese Falcon ” you подзовет to itself strange suspicious мужичок. You can get acquainted With its help with Вэнсом, the dealer the illegal goods – narcotic preparations for a while raising your characteristics. For this acquaintance it will demand a round sum. If it is a pity to you to give money to this rascal, and the parameter Force (Strength) at you is high, threaten it. Eventually, you can find Вэнса in Old City in one of east buildings. Even if it will expel you, you can simply press the button of the Exchange.

Thieves’ Malines
You will find a ladder leading in a cellar in one of buildings. Therefrom, having opened some doors and having undermined on pair traps, will get in a refuge of swindlers. Here it is possible to join a community of thieves – but then all over again you should pass the test – to steal a necklace at the certain Mr. Hajtauera living in quarter Хайтс. Having agreed, you receive master keys. Exactly at midnight (00:00) when Mr. Hajtauer will sleep very quietly with the женушкой, go in Хайтс. Promise to the security guard to leave, and round the house from east party and hide behind a corner. At performance of following actions it is not so obligatory to use function Sneak. When the security guard will depart from a door, run straight in the house, and in a small room near to an input you will find out a chest. Neutralize a trap on it and crack. A necklace at you in a pocket.
Give it Локсли – 3000 proside and electronic master keys now yours.

As though a good ending: it is not enough at whom it turned out to rescue the Hub. Personally to me to prevent destruction of city dwellers it was not possible. Most likely, it is required to get rid of all negative elements of the Hub. Probably, it is necessary to kill Хайтауэра. Also it can depend on when you finish Game. On the Internet the hearing goes, that for rescue of all locations game it is necessary to finish not later than April 62 years.


” In this city there are no lanterns, here there are no sunny days… ” This песенку groups ” Crematoriums ” you recollect, having come here. H” nevertheless here again there can be a pair interesting situations.
In the water drain. The leader of peace inhabitants will mention seized power гоула Сета. Rise in its possession and pass through dense protection (the policeman at a door of the house can be killed), talk to it – and it or will modestly renumerate you if you will destroy all Supermutants in city, or will kill. Malicious heroes operate is unpredictable.

Good ending: That all has ended well for inhabitants Hекрополиса, you should repair the pump, and also destroy all Supermutants in city within fifteen days after the first visiting. Supermutants to destroy not so it is simple – it is necessary to have the quite good weapon. You can find a plasma pistol in the water drain, near to good гоулами. Also you should get rid from Сета and its wards.

Brotherhood of Steel

Having come to вратам Brotherhoods, would not prevent to become its full member. H”
Паладин Каббот will answer, that for this purpose you should execute the Quest, namely descend in a mysterious and mysterious place – the Ancient Award (in another way Blinking) and to bring therefrom any proof of yours there stay.

Ancient award (Glow)
Award Ancient, yes only its Blinking have knowingly nicknamed – there is it in a zone of a huge radio-activity so first of all go to the Hub and be reserved by all necessary. For a survival you need to buy pair-three Rad-X and as much Radaway from underground dealer Vensa.
So, after walks on shops we go to Blinking. There, after reception of a doze of radiation, accept Radaway for removal of this and two Rad-X for reception of 100 % of protection against radiation. Adhere a cord to a fragment of the laser and go down straight in a nuclear Hell. You will find the subject necessary to you directly at the first level, having searched dead Паладина. Take away a yellow card of access and a disk. Load from it all data into yours Пипбой. Certainly, if you would not like, carry компакт Кабботу, but it will be more reasonable to investigate all over again the Award up to the end. Here full various traps so be on the alert. H” game costs свеч – you will find a great lot of useful subjects.
Use a card of access on the lift for switching-off of a trap (you can simply neutralize traps and then crack doors of lifts) and go down on the second floor. Having searched one of corpses, will find a red card of access. With its help open the lift on I 3-eat a floor. Hб the fourth floor there is the unique computer called Sachs.
Having played with it in a chess, will win its arrangement and can come into heart of a building. Скачайте to the Pipboy the information also go on the sixth floor.
Repair энергогенератор and include it by means of the terminal. Light begins to dawn, but also robots-security guards again will earn, and you should clean to yourselves a way through heaps of alive metal (though they are disconnected by means of Sachs). Now you can involve the lift not worked before. Hб it go down on the fifth floor. Hб this level you can facilitate much more the further way – here will find both a machine gun, and the plasma weapon, and disks with the information on this centre of science.

Having returned to the Brotherhood, give a compact disc with information Кабботу. Everything, now you the Pupil of the Brotherhood of Steel.
Hб a ground floor the warehouse and a training room settle down. Having talked with Таулусом, you can receive at Michael managing a warehouse, the reservation of the Brotherhood and some holders for the weapon. Here too there is a room in which you cannot pass. Hасколько I know, nobody managed to be made it.
Search of the lost Pupil
If at you good reputation for certain receive from Таулуса the following task: to find the gone agent of the Brotherhood sent to the Hub. You should find and return the poor fellow. Hайти it it is possible in the south of Old city. You should work at its rescue well. You receive for it from Таулуса the award at your choice, including Энергоброню.

Doctor Ajbolit
Hб the second level of the Brotherhood there are inhabited cases and the Clinic. The doctor will cure you of radiation, and for the certain payment can raise your characteristics.
Operations will borrow certain time so do not take a great interest.

You always envied Паладинам in occasion of their brilliant reservation? You without mind from it and at its one kind fall ниц and ask gods to receive in hope same? Then next lines for you, about judges of a modern fashion. Receive this костюмчик you can several ways. From the knight-technics on the third floor you learn, that it has such reservation, but in it there is no body систолитического мотиватора (systolic motivator). To get it it is possible, having deceived supply manager Michael, or having stolen at Ромбуса, master Paladinov. The last is carried out in several ways:
1) To come to it in room, to open a case and to take away the device, then to press a key “A” for the beginning fight and during the course to try to get away.
2) Having taken the device, at once to throw it on the ground to escape, and after to return and pick up. Having taken hold necessary запчастью, give its knight-technics, and then repair the reservation (for this purpose the minimum 75 %-s’ skill of repair is required to you).
 You can sometimes receive the reservation in a salvage of the lost pupil. Eventually, probably to steal it from a warehouse but after that you for ever will leave Friends. By the way, you have an opportunity to improve энергоброню at chemist Majlza in Адитиме after performance of its request.

Search of Northern Base
Having come to be on last, fourth floor, talk to general Maksonom and will agree to execute its request for research of northern grounds, and then ask to give out to you more powerful weapon. Having taken away it at the assistant to the general, go on advice of Elders of the Brotherhood where to you will offer the same mission.
Will agree again, and before leaving come into Library on the third floor. There improve the knowledge in the field of computers, talk with Say lies about mutations and go into northwest of a card. Having found out base, come back and report about all seen.

Hовая Tactics of the Brotherhood
Having listened to your reasons, Elders will solve, that they Needed to strengthen only protective constructions of the Brotherhood, but you should convince them to choose tactics of attack and to try to sabotage a den of supermutants. They will agree to send you to an input of base of three Паладинов for easy penetration inside. Go down on the third level, talk with Say lies about mutations, it will give you a disk with the description of an organism of one of mutants. So, you learn, that they cannot be made multiple copies. Means, someone is artificial creates these creatures. The solution can be found, only having come to be among полулюдей.


Having got in the city which is once called Лос Анжелесом, will find out, that it is divided into five parts, four of which are under authority of various groupings, and the awful monsters nicknamed by Claws of Death live in the fifth.
The first area in which you will appear, will be Адитим, area of Regulators, such security guards of the order. From inhabitants you learn, that Regulators long since are at enmity with other clan – Edges. They in every possible way try to conduct provocative activity against these Edges. Here you will find the small shop located in a cellar near to an input, will get acquainted with smith Smitti and with leader Musorshchikov – the people looking in desert useful things.
Also you learn the local scientist-chemist – Майлза which will ask you to find the lost details from a hydrofarm.

The lost Details
Having talked to main thing Мусорщиком, you find out, that recently it has sent to desert behind details of the person, that has found them, but somewhere has disappeared on a way back. I shall prompt you, that растерзанное мужичка it is necessary to search for a body of it in territory of Claws of Death. At it there are necessary details so safely take away them and bear Майлзу. The chemist will send you to Смитти for repairing all of it барахла. But then, after restoration of a farm, Смитти will improve for you a plasma gun, and Майлз will improve to you the power reservation. However, you should make travel to a bookshop to the Hub where there are books necessary to the scientist.

Yoke of Regulators
For the first time having met mayor, talk to it. Its hatred to Edges is awful.
The old man tells about them, as about monstrous тварях without a drop of intelligence. To it to listen, so it is possible to think, that they extract to themselves livelihood, kidnapping and killing inhabitants Адитима. Strange, in fact at first sight it seems, that it is quite good children. Mayor Zimmerman will suggest you to execute dirty работенку for quite good бабки – to kill the leader of a gang, the girl on a nickname the Razor. Similar, actually it hates it more, than someone another. And so it that!.. It appears, it has killed its son. HТ well, accept its offer and go to a staff of Edges. Hайдите the razor in a room at the left also tell, that send from Зиммермана. Эге, yes the little girl has fine become angry, it was necessary to you to mention the son of mayor. By its words and proofs in the form of a disk, in all the Regulators which have taken authority of city under the control, and poor creature Zimmerman even what does not guess are guilty. HТ all right, promise to help the Razor with this business. H” only how to be with crowd of the enemies protecting inhabitants Адитима? Here the help of Edges to not manage. The razor speaks, that is glad to support, yes only the weapon is not present. It is necessary to persuade Owners of the Weapon warehouse to supply a gang all necessary.
Only business at Owners are absolutely bad – Claws of Death have ruthlessly expelled them from lawful territory, and now they disappear in western end Boneyard.
Having talked to their leader, Дэниелем, tell, that are ready to help them will get rid of monsters-aggressors. H” far from it! Even having shot down all creatures, it does not turn out to exhaust in any way them up to the end! Hовые claws of Death appear in an hour after disappearance old. That monsters was not, go down any more in a cellar of the thrown cinema, kill the Uterus and shoot all not hatched eggs. Only then Claws will cease to come again and again. In award Дэниель will agree to execute your wish. Ask it to arm Edges. Having come to the Razor, tell, that before attack you would like to talk to mayor. Go in Адитим. Approach to the chemist and near to it dismiss somebody from the partners (if NPC it is dismissed, it all the same battles on your party) to protect Майлза during an attack. The same do beside with Смитти. Show Зиммерману proofs of innocence of Edges then one of Regulators will shoot it (alas, but this murder to prevent it is impossible). War Адитима has begun! When with Regulators it will be finished, talk to the Razor. Even if you yet have not repaired a hydrofarm, Майлз in the award for destruction of aggressors will suggest you to improve Энергоброню, and Смитти – plasma ружьишко. Hб to territory of a gang ask the person for input to learn you to battle, that will raise your skills.
Followers of the Apocalypse
In library you will meet Katya who becomes your colleague. Chat with the chapter of Followers – Hатали. It will tell to you about malicious acts of Children of the Cathedral and about their brutal plans. Agree with it about the help in destruction of the Cathedral.
Hатали admits, that in the ranks of Children they have a person – the girl by name Лаура, and also will inform you the password which will need to be transferred шпионке.

The spy in the ranks of Followers
Having gone down in a cellar of a building, you will find гоула which will inform you, that there is a spy who undermines all plans of Followers. For full happiness you need to find this saboteur. Hикому from earlier played it to find it was not possible. Possibly, it is a bug of the program. Perhaps, this spy is itself гоул.

Has come to tell time about two final problems – Destruction of the vital construction for mutants – laboratories-bases, and murder of Master Mutantov. These two quests can be passed in any order.

Total Аннигиляция Bases of Mutants

After returning the chip the Seer will tell to you, that the news brought by you from the External world, not very consolatory. Similar, that any mad genius creates army of supermutants and that someone should stop it. Naturally, this whipping boy become you. So forward and with a song, on searches of a den of spiteful creatures!
Hardly you can destroy зеленокожих right after receptions of a quest so get experience and improve the fire power. Perhaps, for this purpose it would be necessary to enter the Brotherhood of Steel.

In the Den

Having appeared about an input, you should enter inside, and for this purpose it is required or to interrupt all enemies, or to include a radio transmitter and to cheat them, having sent where far away. A door you can open by means of electronic master keys or having found at one of security guards the cartridge with a code. Having crossed a threshold of a building, will see green and red protective fields. Through red pass safely, and here through green – will not pass. Hб a ground floor you will find a computer (Mach IV – do not operate, and it is simple computer’ы work). With its help you can disconnect power units, having cheated system of protection. Apply on a computer a portable radio set – receive a remote control protective fields. Also it is possible to use on consoles near to barrier skill of Repair for time decomposition of a field. By means of a computer near to the lift adjust robots on attack of mutants or switch off them. Having gone down on the second floor – will get in barracks. Hичего extraordinary here is not present, but it is possible to raise essentially the experience and to receive darkness of the weapon and an ammunition, having destroyed the soldier and having examined all cases. The third floor of base is much stuffed by traps. As the main lift does not work, go to spare. When a coming nearer mutant will order to you to follow it, will agree. It will lead you to the military leader.
Properly ask the Lieutenant-silly person – learn about mad plans of the Supreme Master at present living in the Cathedral. After that it is necessary to tell to the Lieutenant and its wards everything, that you actually about them think… See contents of lockers, there there is a special key.
You will understand its applicability later. Pass to lifts, kill security guards and start the robot – Mr. Handy. Order to it to finish the task – to be cleaned in a control room. The poor bag of iron will encounter a barrier and will blow up, but and энергополе will be destroyed. Pass through the released aperture in a department of management трансмутациями. Having cleared a room from техников the Cathedral, take from somebody from them a raincoat and a card of access to the basic computer.
Blow up a computer by means of an explosive found in boxes of the Lieutenant. If at you a quite good scientific degree try to get into a control system of base (at a low level of learning is better use a card of access).
See protective codes and try to decode them, having got more deeply in memory of a computer. Choose self-destruction in three minutes (it more than enough) – and run to an output on a surface. When you will come to be on a card
Heathlands, will show you the beautiful roller meaning the end of manufacture of supermutants.

Death of Master Mutantov

The failure зеленокожих on the basis of yet does not mean rout of pupils of Nuclear War as a whole. For final всепланетного happiness you should find and beat their Master only. Referring to indications of the Lieutenant, it is necessary to search for it at Children of the Cathedral where you and should direct.

If before travel here you have visited at Followers of the Apocalypse it will be much easier to you to pass the given stage of game. In fact it is necessary to ask only their leader Hатали about the help, and about a cathedral the whole group of mercenaries will join you. Being dressed in a purple uniform of Children, you receive other opportunities of conducting conversation as you will accept for the . Come inside of a building and, having found out Лауру (person Posledovatelej) in a room at the left, talk with it. It will show you a secret door, the key from which is at the Supreme Priest Morfeusa living on the top of a tower. Walk upstairs, on a way неспеша killing met полуночников – the mutants equipped StealthBoy’ами. Hб to top you will find Морфеуса. Kill it and take away keys from doors (such symbols of radiation). You will find In the next room Тесла the Reservation – the best protection against power (plasma and the laser) the weapon. Basically, you also can elicit the miss at monk Leshera on a ground floor, carrying out functions of one of the Supreme Priests.
Talk to it, having put on in a suit of the monk and tell, that would like to see the Lord.
 Go down on a ground floor, open a secret door a red key, come inside and come downstairs in catacombs. In distant South-east corner of a cellar there is a confidential door. It to open it is impossible, it is necessary to wait while any чудик will not leave therefrom. After the door will reveal, you should or deceive it (if on you there is no uniform or you follow NPC, enemies will not peck on your deceit), or to send unfortunate in the best world.
Go down on the second floor. Here you will find out mad scientists and captives. Chat with scientists about their invention, but not too long, and that the mutant protecting them will become angry. Generally, it is necessary to kill all unnecessary mutants, even for increase of own experience. Go to northwest branch of a level and elicit at the experimental madwomen sitting in one комнатушке, the mental controller – the invention of mad doctors. Release captives in southern apartments. To rescue them it is impossible.
Now we fall on the third level. You have a choice – or to finish with the Master, or to make active a nuclear bomb a floor below. You will find the master, having passed through a door in northern room where scientists live. Holding in a hand the mental controller for reflection of brainstormings of the Master, pass on a corridor to its pedestal.
Remember, how Say lies in the Brotherhood of Steel told to you about the main problem мутировавших essences – sterility (inability to duplication)? Now you can flash the knowledge before the Master. Having talked to it, you convince it of senselessness of the conceived plan (for this purpose you do not need to have at itself a disk with researches Say lies – enough data in Пипбойе). Killed by this message, it will include the timer of a nuclear bomb. Certainly, it is possible to try to shoot it, but it will be hard, as to it reinforcements will constantly come. It is more reasonable to settle all over again them, and then the Lord. It cannot move, therefore beat on it from the long-range weapon. After its death readout will go automatically so do not yawn.
If you decide to not go to the Master, and to finish with enemies of fatherland another by should go down downwards, having cracked doors of the lift. Below you will find a nuclear bomb – a subject of worship of Children of the Cathedral. Include it by means of a key taken in a box at the Lieutenant on the basis of, or by breaking a computer. In any case – readout of time for which you should get out of a cathedral on a card of the Heathland will go. Having done it, consider, that you have passed one more remarkable game.

Confidential places

All confidential locations in game appear in the casual image, that is are random locations. To find out them to you high success (luck), high sensitivity (perception) and ability of the researcher (Explorer) will help.

Trace Годзиллы
In the middle of the given place the huge trace inside of which someone’s corpse lays is located. Having searched they be will find Stealthboy, doing you almost invisible.

Having come to be here, you make out the broken plate of aliens and two alien skeletons. Having checked up them, will find out the Pistol of newcomers – the most powerful weapon in the game, putting from 30 up to 90 glasses of a loss, and also will see photo Элвиса which is being приколом of founders of game.

The turned lorry
Hб a place of old failure you will find a box in which there are eight and a half of thousand proside.

Second-hand machines of the Bean
Having come to be here, you will get acquainted with the mad owner of the broken machines.
Talk to it if want, and then open a door, come inside of a building and crack a chest. There you will find the Gun Red Hаездника, rather quite good weapon.

Police Box
Raving on the Heathland, you can come across alone costing police box from the Great Britain 60. When you will approach to it, the siren and a box will begin to squeal will be dissolved in air, having left after itself a sensor control of emotions – a radar (it works only being at you in hands).

Kelt Patrick
Patrick can raise your characteristic Charisma.

Herd Брахминов
Hазначение this place remains a riddle for everything which have found out it.

Useful Advice

1. As you have noticed, (before murder of the Uterus) you receive Claws of Death for each killed monster 1000exp. Hовые monsters appear each hour so pass to other screen and wait specified time. Return and destroy all creatures again. Having done this trick some times, you essentially will raise the experience. If you the patient person even can develop the hero up to a maximum level – 21. Also it is useful to destroy patrols about Base of Mutants – for it the quite good quantity of glasses of experience is charged.
2. At use of master keys, you receive 20 % a bonus to skill of breaking.
3. You can raise the of statistics in several ways:
Hаркотики raise them is for a short while; Having done operation at the Surgeon in the Brotherhood; Чак, the gipsy-foreteller of destiny in Адитиме, can raise your Success; Patrick Kelt will raise Charisma; In game there is a bug (or it is a feature?) – if you have received a superdoze of radiation and have not died, your characteristics will raise.
4. The weakest place at all enemies in world Fallout are eyes. When you shoot on them, at you more powerful chances to make critical impact.
Other question, what not so simply happens to get in an eye.

Dirty Tricks

1. Owners of the Weapon in Boneyard give you the discount for purchase of arms. Buy from them something and, at once having sold it, receive quite good profit.
2. Accept drugs when you are close to increase of a level and you have a chance to receive some bonus perk’и.
3. Use the NPC as free-of-charge trucks – as they can transfer any quantity of subjects, give them to them, and then steal at all of them, that it is necessary for you. HС be afraid, from it your reputation will not decrease.


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